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He doesn't suggest.
Record Mixing fills in those slots available in the memory.
in C++ terms:
class Base{
sprites sprite[16];//Predefined array size. Therefor, the Base does not support dynamic memory. So when allocating memory for a base, the game only allocates enough memory to allow for information on 16 sprites.
std::vector<Base> Bases;
[ read what's bold and red. it's important. ]
Unfortunately, the answer is a no. The limit of 16 is imposed by the lack of available RAM for the ROM to store sprite locations in. On this thought, the limit should actually be 15, as opposed to 16, because the player counts as a sprite too.
The method you're speaking of is:
The only way to safely get around it is to use multiple maps (cleverly used connections or such) or to repoint the sprite storage location into a new save block area, then raise the limit.
He doesn't suggest this because:
This is impractical in many ways though, and there are better/more important things we can repoint into the new save block, like trainerflags, seen/caught flags, variables etc.
I'd say he answered your questions fairly well already. :\

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