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Chapter 2's ready! Wasn't that quick? Also, the last one was 99 SCs, this one's 110.

Chaputa 2: The awakening of the epic and legendary starter!

Look, I'm really sorry to all those who wanted a Ralts, it's not cause Chaos Jester told me to, it's shall see soon.

A wild servant of Satan troubling and torturing an innocent human! Looks like one of those Ghosts made by those Demon Sisters!

Your Powder Snow is a Snow that will pierce through the Heavens and beyond!!!

Receive judgement from the garb of the holy virgin! Repent mutha-f***a!!!


Ehhh....forgot to say, I did a glitch where I walked away, when he said ''Come back!'' I ended up on the other side and I could walk through the bag.

Lemme guess, you lifted up their tails to find out their genders?

Well that explains everything.
Wait a minute, but that was a Poochyena! What kind of Pokemon professor are you?!

The moral of this story is to never lift up a Poochyena's Zigzagoon's tail.

Hey, it makes a face! Me and him are the eyes, the bag is the nose and the seperation between the sand and grass is the mouth!


You also found out my whole lifestory in Chapter 1.

I really have always wanted a Monster of mass destruction which I could carry with me in my pocket!

Hmmmm.....maybe we could lower down the WTFness level?

I used Powder Snow twice :I

My real father who mysteriously died along with my real family, yes.
This old pedo who we haven't even seen yet, NO.

For reals?!

Nickname everything! That is my policy! That is my absoruto RRUURRUU!!

50 Glory Points to Chaos Jester and 50 to me!
Damn that 10 char limit! He is known as Captain Blubberlahagus and his Golden Sporkscrew of Secks! Don't you forget that!(thxDiggeh,urthemostawesomestspritereventhoughyouleftPCayearagoorsomething)

He is a pirate like Bay Watch! He is head leader of the Emochu Crew (our future team) and his Sporkscrew is certainly, and I say certainly NOT any ordinary combination of a regular spork and a mere screw, it is an extremely, way past cool powerful weapon!!! It is Golden!!! It is so epic and awesome, that it fails to appear in the screen shots!!!

Not a darn good trainer, a daaaaaaaaayum good trainer

Animal? What the hell is that? This is the Pokemon world! Not the IRL world!!


Is she into bondage?

What else can she teach me? Hehehehehehe *Bricked*

Yes your majesty! I'm off to save the Kingdom of Hearts! (Gonna play it on the PS2 soon but not doing and LP )

I love you too Speakachu!

Then I waddled around the sand and decided to check my Cpt. Blubber

Yes, Captain Blubberlahagus is quite relaxed....even in war.

Caviary trail, go watch the 12th Panty and Stocking season 1 episode and you'll get the referance.

Now let's see what lies in this forest!

It's actually an alien who's eyes appear to be 2 bird heads....

Over and done!


That bull****-bird won't last here long enough! (Cowgirl voice)

Feel the freeeeeez (Sexy echoing lady voice)

The rest of the birds I killed were:

A really thin and mad turkey, jaaaaaaaaaaaaaive turkay.

Boring bird (Sorry, I just don't see the fun in Taillow/Swellow)

But the bird made Captain Blubber learn a strong move at an early level!
Bird is the Word.

Interesting, just like in HGSS!

Moar birds:

Small round green bird.

Big grey bir-waWAHaAHwAHwha Holy f**!!!
Wow zatsu supa kooru! (that's super cool)
M-must. Have.

*Reaches into the balls sac*

No balls beibeh.

Well at least I'll get giga exp. points!

Told ya!

Northern Laaaaaaaaaaaights~

The bush that I'm facing is rock solid, you actually can't walkthrough it.

I like Corral Crossing alot better than Oldale town.

A Pokemon a cold store right?

Who gives a crap about what he's saying, look carefully, there's a ripple on pond behind us, that's right, he just led me through and we walked over it as if it was frozen. First I pop out of an invisible dark room, now the pond, Jewel islands has such f***ed up logic and physics!!!!!

~Oh hunny bii, sweet hunny bii, bring mii some necterrrrr~~

I'm only showing this once, just so you know how the Nurse is like.

Heal and cleanse him of his impurities.

Not shown, me going to visit a random house.

Welcome to my world.

Why don't you become a Fallen Angel and slay Ghosts?


Finarri, furry path.

The Pokemon that you can find on this route are:

A snake! I like snakes.

A lucky cat! Put it on your kitchen counter or something.

A perky pitbull! Perfect for bimbos to put in their purses.

A sneaky rat! It'll be looking up girls' skirts before you can say ''Hentai''

A fellow fox! Keep away from furries.

A fat-a** bunnyracoon! Guaranteed to sneak into your fridge.

A milf dinoroo! Nobody want's to get kicked from those legs....if it's even possible.

A derp-face moose! Shaves it's entire a** all day.

A mama cow! 4 udders produce 4 flavours: pasteurized, chocolate, strawberry and caramel milkshake!

A beefy bull! According to some dex entry that states it whips itself with it's 3 tails, it's an S&M bull.

That's all I found, Chaos Jester said that there was a Lugia here, or at the last route. Now we're off to Mayo!

Isa here! At your cervix! Ready and circumsized!

You talk to yourself alot Mayo! What were you wondering if?

He is a gift from the highest of the Heavens, not your dad!
*Angel hymn*

My first trainer battle! Against Mayo!

I'll teach you what the Emochu crew is all about!

Alright, show us your monster!

Aaaaand it just had to be the beefy bondage bull. But it means giga exp. points!

Fly away now Captain Blubber!

Squirt! And then it died, now that's what I call bull sh**! (lolperfectpun)

Isn't that a bit too early? :\


At least he can now summnon down pours from the Heavens!

You finally know he's a part-time pedobear

Me and Cpt. Blubberlafugus are bros 4 life
I might use it again if he learns Rollout by any chance...doubt he will.

Cya Mayo!

Yes, it was another glitch, I didn't do anything wrong, maybe it's cuz of those trees they added.

Not shown, her saying ''Let's head home'' or something like that.


E-E-E-E-E-EXCELLENTO! (If you don't know what I mean, watch this part of Panty and Stocking Ep.4)

I think he then said some more crap?

She only has a lv.5 Tauros.

Then he said even more crap.

It won't really matter, your research is probably horrible, you can't even tell the effing difference between a Zigzagoon and a Poochyena!!!

ISA recieved the BULBAPEDIA!

Is that all? No internet? Apps? Games? It can't even take pics of me and my Pokemon??!!

Even the bathroom? And in the future, when we'll probably get married and do it, she'll have that freaking thing with her? New Pokemon found, Isa's d***.

You know what, I'll take it everywhere with me too.

Is she gonna show me her tits?!

Nope, she gave me the ISLAND BALL.

*Zips open flyer*

She then explained how to capture Pokemon, didn't bother screen capping.
And finally, I'm out!

He is adorable ATM.

Converse or Vans?

1. Put on socks.
2. Put on shoes.

Kay, off to change my socks!

Not shown, me going to the Corral Crossing.

Onward to the next place!

But first, look back at the screen caps, which Pokemon should I catch before I go? I'm already gonna get an Aerodactyl, but I want you to choose an! Choose any one except Aerodactyl, don't forget to suggest nicknames!

That took hours, even though I accendently clicked back once.

Chaputa 3 will be ready later on tomorro-wait, today! (It's 12:18 AM in Bahrain.)
I'm just an Emochu here to have fun. That is all.