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Vrai wants me to be more descriptive so HERE WE GO. Only level changes tho :x

Scraggy ♀ → 44 @Eviolite

Moxie / Docile
- Brick Break
- Crunch
- Strength
- Hi Jump Kick

Docile seems to work really well for Scraggy, although the one issue is that its defense and spd are pretty low compared to its attack, for example, 90 attack to 75/76 defense/spd so eviolite totally makes it useful though I was told to use that so whatever. Moxie suits Scraggy well, 'cause it allows it to just keep on going when battling, and since BB and Crunch give it STAB iirc I can't entirely remember Bulbapedia but since it's the same types, they should work. Either wayyy, that boosts the attack even more, and against tougher Pokemon I use Hi Jump Kick, yes it's a risk, but Scraggy can usually take it with its sorta high HP (not really but it's not that bad) anyway, so even if it misses it could go to BB and just totally beat whatever it faces. Probably going to utilise this against the elite four, considering its attacks would beat a lot of the elite four members. And as for Strength, that's just there as a backup really for Pokemon that are somewhat resistant to the other two.

Herdier ♀ → 40 @Scope Lens

Sand Rush / Bold
- Rock Smash
- Strength
- Work Up
- Crunch

Kay for Herdier, not really the biggest fan of its ability because Intimidate would work much better for it, considering its Defense is lower than its attack, despite it being a +attack nature. And Sandstorm isn't used much in-game so it can't really be a positive for it, but on the plus side, really, its attack is pretty good, and its HP is fine imo, so defense isn't really that much of an effort. On the plus side, Herdier isn't that slow, so I can utilise its speed by going for Strength for the STAB and its high attack, and scope lens, so if I'm lucky it's stab + crit and then ohko. And if not, I've got work up while the opponent rests or something or uses useless attacks, as they do in-game.

Boldore ♀ → 39 @Rocky Helmet

Sturdy / Adamant
- Rock Slide
- Rock Smash
- Stealth Rock
- Strength

Love dis boldore. rocky helmet 'cause it has high defense (and attack!) and because fighting is common in-game, with that being one of its main weaknesses, yeaah. Adamant nature good for rock slide, rock smash and strength, though I'd rather if rock smash was stronger, but oh well. And it'd also be nice if rock slide had higher accuracy, but whatever I deal with that. Aaand stealth rock is there for the elite four later on, since I was thinking of starting off with boldore against each elite four and it'd be able to take most attacks, if not, healingg and then switch to Audino with the good HP to take the hit, or Scraggy, either are strong-ish and then kill the opponent and boom elite four can be easy.

Audino ♂ → 37 @Shell Bell

Regenerator / Lonely
- Take Down
- Secret Power
- Retaliate
- Attract

Audino's moveset sort of sucks, sure a few of those get STAB but overall it takes at least two, or three attacks to beat something. On the plus side, it can afford taking hits in that time thanks to regenerator and shell bell, as well as take down not being that bad. Attract however has no real use in-game since most people apparently use male Pokemon so it's really a waste of a move, but whatever.

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