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"Vulnerable, haha, might want to reword that Mammon." I said while snickering to myself. It was a stupid child's joke but I didn't really care too much. Mammon mentioned that Bernkastel and herself were not as close as I had originally thought, but I could see it now. Bern was ALWAYS serious, but at seemed that Mammon was completely different, and as far as I was concerned, truly the only demon servant with a sense of humor.

She also said that her style of fighting wasn't really hand to hand combat, but more of a spell caster. I wondered if she might be able to teach me a few spells that might be useful during the games. Then again, those might be elemental, and the only element I could control, was fire. Just as I thought of the word, a white ball of fire appeared in my hand. Noticing that those below might be able to see, I muttered two words under his breath, from a language almost forgotten in this world.

"Brakka brisingr" And as I said it, the flame reduced in size to that of a pea. Without taking my eyes from the flame, I began to speak. "Might you be able to teach me a few spells Mammon?"
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