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Busy weekend, so early mornings were making progress and now getting an update up before I head out.

Update 3:

Cleared out the Rocket Base
Adwaita begins to attempt to evolve, getting BlackGlasses once she was revived instead.
Adwaita defeated Giovanni (with SuzumeBchi needed to finish off Kangaskhan)
Headed to Pokemon Tower, where Adwaita put Marowak to rest
Mr. Fuji got us down and gave us the PokeFlute so we could head south and wake up Snorlax
Got the Super Rod on the way to Fuschia City.
Visited the Safari Zone for the Gold Teeth and HM03
Nessie learned Surf and got a Quick Claw
Got HM04 for giving the Warden his Gold Teeth
Headed to Fushia Gym - it took 5 trips and a visit to the local PokeMart for Revive, Super Potions and Full Heals (all Full Heals, most Super Potions and all but 1 Revive were used against Koga), but Adwaita (with some help vs. Weezing from SuzumeBchi) defeated him.
Recieved Soul Badge

Adwaita - Level 41 Brave Female Wartortle
Moves: Rain Dance, Water Gun, Bite, Protect

SuzumeBchi - Level 38 Timid Male Beedrill
Moves: Pursuit, Pin Missile, Twineedle, Cut

Clifford - Level 24 Bashful Female Growlithe
Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember, Odor Sleuth

Nessie - Level 21 Naughty Female Dratini
Moves: Wrap, Surf, Thunder Wave, Twister

EDIT: Would it be acceptable to hack Wartortle/Dragonair's evolution (so I don't have to stop the evolution manually every level) or is the possibility of missing it and having to make the journey a multi-generational quest considered part of the challenge?

EDIT 2: Update 4
Picked up the Good Rod and headed to Power Plant
Caught a Magnemite named Astrope
Whited Out in Power Plant
Went to Cinnabar and got the Secret Key
Whited Out in Pokemon Mansion
Attempted to beat Blaine - Lost vs. Arcanine, but won the rematch
Recieved Volcano Badge
Visited One Island
Caught a Ponyta named Eous - team is complete!
Taught Eous Strength and Solarbeam
Completed the mini-mission to get off the islands - Eous defeated Hypno
Went to Vermillion City Gym - Nessie soloed Surge
Recieved Thunder Badge
Got to Silph Co and lost to Rival
Astrope evolved to Magneton
Accidentally got Lapras (it's been too long since I played this part)
Nessie evolved to Dragonair
Fought Giovanni, recieved Master Ball
Went to Saffron Gym
Fought Sabrina
Recieved Marsh Badge
Got HM05
Went to Viridian Gym
Fought Giovanni - Nessie and Adwaita did most of the work, but Nidoking KO'd everyone but Nessie (who wasn't revived when Nidoking came up)
Recieved Earth Badge
Headed for Victory Road
Battled Rival
Whited out in Victory Road
Beat Saffron City Dojo

Adwaita - Level 52 Brave Female Wartortle
Moves: Rain Dance, Water Gun, Bite, Skull Bash

SuzumeBchi - Level 42 Timid Male Beedrill
Moves: Pursuit, Pin Missile, Twineedle, Cut

Clifford - Level 32 Bashful Female Growlithe
Moves: Bite, Take Down, Flame Wheel, Odor Sleuth

Nessie - Level 31 Naughty Female Dragonair
Moves: Slam, Surf, Dragon Rage, Twister

Astrope - Level 33 Naive Magneton
Moves: Thundershock, Supersonic, Sonicboom, Spark

Eous - Level 38 Modest Male Ponyta
Moves: Ember, Stomp, Solarbeam, Strength