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    Chapter 3- Mammon - Underworld

    "Shush! I don't like tickling and that's that!" I pouted. My cheeks became lightly brushed in warmth, and I quickly turned my head away. But, I was smiling. I wonder if Raike was vulnerable to tickling... Well, I would look stupid if he wasn't. I decided to keep my hands to myself, and watch the white flame in his hand diminish to almost nothing. Just a speck of its former existance.

    "...Wait, you want me to teach you magic?" Alright. That was a first. The thing with contracts, was that the contractor would have full access to all spells I could cast myself. That even included manifestation. I had never needed to teach someone what I knew before... "Sure! Fire magic, right? That'll be kinda noticeable here... Wanna go somewhere fun?" I grinned widely. Yeeessss.... A very fun and interesting place. I held out a finger, as a butterfly manifested. A butterfly of red flames. Not fire, but pure energy. I loved making things like this. The energy that makes magic, is normally not seen. However, since I manipulation manifestation... I can make the unseen, seen. Manifest objects without a break in my powers. Overworld creatures could use rock or melted metal to mold their objects, but it took a bit of effort, time, and not to mention, a stone shaped like a gun wouldn't actually be able to do it's purpose. True manifestation was a hard technique that required years of practice. Me? I was created with the ability. Lucky me. "Lets get outta here!"
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