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I'm so worried I won't even have any sort of chance at the beta. ._.; If they're all in the middle of the night my time (I expect they won't be since JK would want to be fair to other timezones?) then I'm out of luck. But since I'm working full time this week too, I also expect that even on the days when it shows up at a decent time for me I'd only have internet access on my phone so there goes that idea. :( A friend said she'd sign me up if she can though so... fingers crossed. ;o;

As for publisher edits, I'm pretty sure the US is the only English-speaking country that had any changes, and even then I bet none of the questions asked would be like "what colour was the jumper Harry got for Christmas in the second book?" It's just with translated versions (French, German, Korean, etc.), there's less guarantees that the answer translated well enough to find. :x Regardless, thank goodness Canada has the original British books. Not that it helps me much, haha.