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    Restarted my old game and picked Piplup as my starter. I've never picked the Pokemon before, one reason being the Anime, and the other being my general dislike for Water-type Starters, as Water is the most common type around. As a sign of respect, the game gave me a female without me having to restart.

    * Beat my rival
    * Got the Running Shoes
    * Saw Cyrus at Lake Verity/Valor (one of the two)
    * Fruitlessly button-mashed through Dawn *shudder* attempting to teach me how to catch Pokemon.
    * Fought all of the trainers and Pokemon along the way (a sensible habbit that I picked up and developed from watching Slowflake's LP's)
    * Met Dawn *shudder* and Looker in Jubilife City
    * Got the Poketech from the random man who wouldn't let me pass otherwise, for whatever reason
    * Went North of Jubilife and caught myself a Budew
    * Trained Budew up a little, and kicked my Rival's ass on Route 203, along with all the other rainers and wild Pokemon
    * Went through Orborough Gate, where a random Hiker randomly gave me HM 06 Rock Smash, and eventually reached the city itself, whilst training Budew with Piplup's assisstance
    * Meet Roark in the Mine and he went back to his Gym
    * Went to the Gym and 1HKO'ed the lackies

    * Battled Roark:
    * Lead with Budew, who 1HKO'ed his Geodude thanks to Mega Drain
    * He sent out Onix. Used the same tactic, but Onix somehow managed to survive.
    * He inevitably healed the Pokemon with a Potion, which didn't heal it to full health
    * Used Mega Drain again. Of course, this time, Budew managed to kill the Onix with an unneeded critical hit.
    * Sent out Cranidos. Mega Drain took it down to half health
    * Cranidos killed Budew with a Headbutt
    * Sent out Piplup, and she managed to avenge her fallen conrade with a Bubble. As a bonus, she evolved into Prinplup

    * Roark grugingly gave me my first badge, as well as TM 76 Stealth Rock
    * Made my way back to Jubilife where I saw Looker again, as well as Dawn *shudder* and Professor Rowan, who gave me my daily dose of laughter by fiercly burning the Team Galactic Grunts.
    * Did a double battle against them - along with Dawn *doubleshudder*. We won, of course.
    * After the grunts ran away, caught myself a Bidoof as a HM Slave, and taught it Rock Smash
    * Went North again, and got through Ravaged Path with ease
    * Beat the rest of the trainers and saved at the entrence to Floroma Town.

    My Team thus far:

    Budew (Grass/Poison)
    Nature: Hasty (Decreased Defence/Increased Speed
    Personality: Likes to fight (Increased Attack)
    Ability: Poison Point

    Stats - HP: 42 Attack: 20
    Defence: 18 Special Attack: 26
    Special Defence: 28 Speed: 30

    Moves - Absorb Growth
    Mega Drain Stun Spore

    Prinplup (Water)
    Nature: Gentle (Decreased Defence/Increased Special Defence)
    Personality: Sturdy Body (Increased Defence)
    Ability: Torrent

    Stats - HP: 53 Attack: 32
    Defence: 29 Special Attack: 35
    Special Defence: 35 Speed: 25

    Moves - Pound Metal Claw
    Bubble Peck
    Currently doing:


    * Kanto: 8/8 Badges + Champion Defeated (Completed)
    * Johto: 2/16 Badges