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    MEH. I'm in a bit of slump. Here's the SU... not really proud of it :/ It would have been fine if you'd just let me RP as a girl like I wanted to.

    Name: Joshua Fikes (May go by Josh)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Joshua is a sheepish character with a just as equally sheepish appearance. He stands at a modest height of 5’4” with a petite and muscle free frame. His black hair is medium length and unkempt so that a lock consistently falls over his left eye. Joshua’s eyes are black like his hair and his skin contains the average amount of pimples that are typical for his age.
    For his attire, Joshua prefers to sport a modest look because it would be awkward for him to attract attention. He simply wears a white shirt and black pants with no particular style. For shoes, Joshua wears sneakers because they are comfortable and can tote him around. He wears no additional accessories, but carries a pack around with the necessary first-aid gear and snacks incase something uneventful occurs.

    Personality: At first glance Joshua is one of those stuck up brainy kids. He can lecture endlessly on the many Pokemon and keeps away from people. In reality, however, he isn’t that smart or stuck up. His knowledge doesn’t extend that far past Pokemon and people just scare him. After a few years of being picked on in the orphanage, he’s come to have a great distrust of people.

    On a more personal level, Joshua is tactical and lost in his thoughts. He often plans his moves and words in his head, but often forgets to act on them. When it comes to the heart, he is well-protected. He avoids people and covers up his flaws with a barrier of Pokemon knowledge. Joshua secretly wishes to make friends and to drop his guard, but doesn’t feel like he can afford to trust humans.

    History: Joshua is the illegitimate child of a wealthy business man and his house maid. When his wife began catching on, Joshua’s father sent him and the maid to a private vacation home. She raised him for a good four years until his father hit a bankruptcy and could no longer support them. To save both Joshua and herself, the maid sent him to an orphanage where the remainder of his life before entering the school would be spent.

    Joshua never got along with any of the kids in the orphanage. He was often teased and bullied which shaped most of his personality. A few of the staff noticed Joshua’s torment and so with the help of the academy, they devised a plan to take him to a better place. At the academy, he did much better. Nonetheless, he had become too reclusive and buried himself in the study of Pokemon rather than humans. While his grades and behavior were excellent in the Pokemon-related classes, he ended up at the bottom in just about everything else. The ranch “experience” was recommended by one of his social studies teachers.

    Main Goal/Interest: Pokemon Doctor

    Egg Number: 10

    RP Sample: A tree. A bush. Ooo, two bushes. A stream?

    Justin was curiously examining his surroundings for anything with shape. The flatness and the grass disturbed him. It almost felt unnatural. His eyes ran up the stream, eager to escape the flatness. He became fixed on the many curves of the river.

    Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Girl. Down... Up... Girl?!

    His eyes returned to the girl. Yes, it was indeed a human girl. He looked her over. She sure was pretty, but then again Justin was at the age when most males rediscovered girls. His heart thumped (or at least he convinced himself that it did), his cheeks reddened slightly, and his body warmed up.

    "How are you doing?" he mouthed out. A hand clawed out to her despite the obvious distance and he found himself waving awkwardly. I hope she comes over here. I really hope that she does.


    Kelly rolled her eyes and impatiently kicked him in the side. Of all the people to end up in some strange place with, it had to be him!

    "Get up," she ordered, ignoring his wave. "If you have any idea where the hell we are and what's going on, you'd better speak up now."

    She glared down at him suspiciously. While it was unlikely that he knew much more than she did--most people couldn't act that well when it came to stupidity--she wanted to know for sure. He really did look like an idiot. More than anything, he looked like he would grow up to be one of those guys who run around throwing out cheesy pickup lines to anything wearing a skirt. As Kelly currently wanted as little to do with men as possible, spending time with a person like that was the last thing she wanted to do.

    Kelly sighed and looked around, hoping in vain that there would be some form of intelligent life nearby. From what she could see, however, there wasn't any of that to be found.

    Justin clutched where she had kicked him. Tears swelled in his eyes. He looked up and stared at her."M-m-meanie!" He flapped his arms wildly for a while before completely understanding what she had said. He paused in thought.

    She doesn't know? I don't know? Neither of us knows? Then does that mean that we're lost or in danger or something? He glanced around, looking for anything that might be familiar. His eyes wandered up and down the river and then, after turning around, all across the plains. There really wasn't anything familiar at all. He turned back to face her. Tears began swelling again. He sniffed obnoxiously, hoping that it'd stop the tears from falling. He was a man so he needed to be tough even if he hadn't really ever been on his own like this except when he was leaving home to catch the bus. He suddenly regretted having to need to go to school.

    But, still Justin couldn't help but be afraid of this woman (he dubbed her that sometime after the kick). She was terrifying and mean. He opened his mouth to speak, but hesitated. At last the words squeaked out of his mouth. "You don't know?"

    Please don't kick me.

    Credits to Jordan. Paired to Mira and ohHeyVaporeon.
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