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A friend said she'd give me one of her accounts (since her sister didn't want it). eeeeeeee. n_n;
Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
If it's always gonna be in the middle of the night, I really don't have a chance...I've been working like 60 hours a week lately and I crash most of the time at home at night. But I really wanna get access to this thing....gah, this sucks. I'm like having mini panic attacks over it. bleh.
Well, the whole point of making this a community instead of just a solo thing was to include everyone worldwide. So I assume that JKR would insist that the times these things go live be accomodating worldwide on at least some of the days.
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Well it's more about in the movie when you see all of the Dudleys finding the letter address to harry before they go to that secluded island, and it's only ever one extra scene whenever I watch it, so it's not a big deal.
what, you haven't read the books. get out and don't return until you have. >:OOO