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    "Well, I did attempt to fix one before... but that didn't turn out too well...why?" I answered her as the butterfly morphed into a tatoo on my neck. It was my first real one... well I wasn't really sure what it was. I was about to ask more about it when she took hold of my hand, saying that it wouldn't be safe if I didn't have it, so I decided to let it be. I stared at our joined hands for a second, then looked back at her with a questioning expression, but I soon turned my attention to the floor, which seemed to be dissappearing from under me.

    It looked like the water at the beach when it was abating, leaving the golden sand in its place. After this affect dissappeared, I saw that we were in a blank space, no color, or any type of detail or design. As I watched her pass her hands under the bottom of her shoes, I smiled lightly; this was getting kinda weird. I watched her seeming to be looking for something, and then she yelled, "ASHURA! STOP HIDING THE FREAKIN DOOR!" and as she said it, some kind of red symbol seemed to be carving itsef from the blankness. When it was done, she walked forward and pushed the symbol, splitting it and half and forming double doors, which opened up to some kind of huge armory, with tons of weapons lining the walls. A jet black bed was positioned off in the corner, and as she sat down on it and began to stretch, she was covered in a black smoke. When it cleared, she was wearing more modern casual cloths, which I grinned at.-

    "That's better, haha." She then requested that I "show what I know" so I shrugged, deciding to start off with the basics. Pointing my pointer finger as the ceiling, a tiny white flame appeared, hovering over the tip. In a quick flicking motion, the flame flew from my hand, growing in size until it was like that of a television, heading towards the wall. Now I applied his own methods, holding my palm toward the wall. For a moment, only a barely visible circle of flames appeared, but then it surged forth, growing to the size of a telephone post, taking the color of silver, and also heading toward the wall. I hoped she had the walls reinforced... a couple thousand times.
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