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    Why thank you good sir for the compliment... And I guess I shall.

    Name: William "Earl" Stevens, Jr.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Group: Trainer

    Appearence: Earl was pretty small when he was younger, but now he is one tall dude. He stands at 6'4" and is built like a college football linebacker. This didn't come natural for him, as it tooks years for him to make his body like this. His whitish-blonde hair is very long, coming down below William's shoulders. There is also one thing very odd about his hair. In some areas, it appears fairly curly, while in other areas it is completely straight. No matter what Earl tries to do, it always ends up like that. His hair is usually kept out of his face, but it seems to get in front of his face on numerous occasions.

    Earl's usual attire consists of a black t-shirt and blue jeans with old and worn out black leather working boots, which suit him well with his lightly-tanned skin. Aviator sunglasses can be seen over his eyes on sunny days. On cold days, he wears a black trench coat over his usual outfit. Let's not forget that nice looking black fedora hat which can be seen on Earl's head nearly any day. Oh, and he is usually seen carrying around a suitcase which holds various things, including his Pokemon's Pokeballs.

    Bio: William "Earl" Stevens, Jr. was born and raised in the town of New Orleans, Louisiana, as one could guess by his accent, which has a bit of a southern twang mixed in with perfect French that Earl throws in every now and then. Now, Earl hasn't had an easy childhood. You see, Earl's father, the original William Earl Stevens, left Earl and his mother shortly after Earl was born. For what reason, Earl and his mother never found out. Without a father, Earl's only father-figure growing up was his grandfather, who was a very well-educated man. Once he saw Earl's ability to learn, he homeschooled Earl from the age of five all the way until Earl was sixteen. Once Earl was done with home school, he took his GED test and scored so high it was said he was in the top one percent of people who take it. He also scored a 29 on his ACT. At this point, Earl could go to any college in the USA he wanted to, but he instead decided to travel the world.

    During Earl's travels, he came upon a Totodile that was trying to fight off two fully grown Usaring. Now, while Earl knew the Totodile wouldn't stand a chance, he admired the little fella's bravery and rescued him. Not too long after that, Earl began training the Totodile, who Earl had named Leonidas. During their travels, Earl came across a Spiritomb that had been terrorizing a town. Using his intellect and Leonidas' abilities, Earl captured the Spiritomb and named him Judas. Soon after that, Earl found a Makuhita that acted a lot like Leonidas. He was powerful and very brave, but he seemed to be rather...stupid. Add to the fact he was battling a Kadabra, and Earl sent his Leonidas after the Kadabra, who ran off upon seeing the small, but very brave, Pokemon baring his fangs at it. The Makuhita, impressed with Leonidas, joined Earl's team soon afterwards.

    Nowadays, Earl is simpy wondering around from city to city with his Pokemon, not really having a goal. He is still continuing his studies whenever he can, and he also trains his Pokemon daily.

    Personality: Earl is a very calm individual who likes to keep things calm and cool. He is very laid back, which has made him many friends. Some people think he is lazy though. This is not the case, however. You will find no one who is more focused in any situation. This guy was a scholar before he became a trainer, and he knows that in order to do your best, you have to have a cool head. That is what he goes by. This guy does have a temper though. If you aggravate him, ask him to do to many things at once, hurt Pokemon, or make fun of his hair, get ready to get your butt kicked from one place to another. When he is calm, he is a people person. When he is mad, get away from him and don't look back.

    Along with the above qualities, Earl also has a reputation of being a southern gentleman. He firmly believes that one should be chilvarous and well-mannered. He is also a bit of a fast learner. There is something else though. Earl, at times, has shown to lack empathy and sympathy... Sometimes even emotion.

    1) Totodile Male (Leonidas) Lv. 15
    2) Spiritomb Male (Judas) Lv. 13
    3) Makuhita Male (Brutus) Lv. 13

    Pokemon Personalities:
    All of Earl's Pokemon seem to follow a code of honor that Earl has trained into them, especially Leonidas, who has been with Earl the longest. Leonidas, like the great Spartan king whom he is named after, has shown he is a very brave and intelligent warrior who will stand strong no matter the odds stacked against him. No matter what is put in front of him, he will try to overcome it one way or another. Judas is very similiar in several ways, except that he prefers to outsmart his opponents rather than attacking directly. Brutus... Well, Brutus is a bit odd. He is very much like Leonidas, but he often times shows that he lacks the intelligence Leonidas has. It is for this reason that Brutus looks up to Leonidas, even though he is much, MUCH stronger than him.

    Other Notes: Most of the time, one can see Leonidas out of his Pokeball and walking beside Earl. The only times the Totodile is in his Pokeball is when Earl believes he should be, like say a meeting with important individuals and cetain households/ businesses where Pokemon are seen as pest and/or tools and nothing more

    Sorry for the wait. Had to find it first. ^o^
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