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    Chapter 3- Mammon - Underworld

    "Shush, not like I can help you train with a dress! Besides, I believe you didn't want me to 'ruin' it." I grinned, and watching his performance. Tapping into his thoughts, I could only laugh when he questioned the strength of these walls. He was about to realize the weird truth. I watched the flaming circle and larger flame, 'hit' the wall. But it didn't seem like the wall and the fire made contact. Instead, the flames just sorta... Poofed! Disappeared. I jumped off the bed and stretched out my limbs. "Alright... Looks like I won't be very bored with this. Ever tried to make a whip out of fire? I love whipping the other servants..." I grinned widely.

    I did each step in the movement so Raike could follow along. Normally, I would just need to manifest the whip, but he hadn't had more than enough years of learning. With both my knuckles pressed on their sides, (Like if you were gripping a driving wheel!) I began to speak out my simple instructions. "Oxygen is a flames food. So, you need to make sure it has that food, while also being protected from breaking. Whips may sound basic, but they require focus. You better be focusing!" I laughed. "Energy is within everything, which makes magic reality. It would take a red color for you, but it isn't visible in the Overworld. Imagine your right fist, pulling this energy out as a sort of tube." I did exactly as I instructed. A shimmering red tube of light connected from my left fist, and extended as far as I could reach to my right. To finish, I opened my right palm and cupped the opened end. When I removed it, it was like I was holding a sword made of that red light. Proudly, I smiled. Now you just allow the flames from your body to come in through the handle...." Suddenly, the light sword was filled with an aggressive fire. However, it stayed within the tube's area. "There. It may take a few tries, but here's your co-...Hot flame sword!"
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