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About this Pottermore thing, is it good? I'm thinking about trying to get into it or something if I can from seeing all these things about Harry Potter in general on Tumblr. It's making me want to get into Harry Potter some more, I need to see them movies which I didn't understand so much, namely the Order of the Phoenix.

Idk I'm rambling. :P

But anyway, I have a question which I was talking about with a friend a while ago which I thought could make some nice discussion here. Comparing the two actors of Albus Dumbledore (Richard Harris + Michael Gambon), who do you prefer to play as Dumbledore in the films, and why?

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what, you haven't read the books. get out and don't return until you have. >:OOO
I never said I hadn't read the books. I'm reading Goblet of Fire now, and have read the first three.