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Originally Posted by LalaSapa View Post
Is my team okay for competitive battling?

Rash nature, somewhat vain
Lead Powerhouse, takes out Pokemon with Choice Scarf Blast Burn

Naughty nature, strong willed
Staller, confuses opponents

Bold nature, capable of taking hits
Staller, avoids attacks and strikes hard.

Rash nature, alert to sounds
Powerhouse, takes out opponents with swift speed and Leaf Blade
Or Aerial Ace.

Sassy nature, alert to sounds
Powerhouse, Secondary Leader, spams Thunderbolt and Surf with a high Special Atk.

Quiet nature, capable of taking hits
Healer, heals party and also serves as a Tank.

So, waddaya' think?
Unfortunately no. Most of their natures are terrible for competitive battling. Gyarados specializes in Attack, not Special Attack. I suggest reading our stickies and possibly doing some research on Smogon to get a better idea of the metagame. :)
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