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Hello Pokecommunity! This is my first ever challenge, The one by one challenge!

Ok, By one by one I mean this:

When you start the game you can only use your starter for the first gym.
Then you can catch any pokemon for a buddy and use 2 pokemon for the next gym(starter and caught pokemon)
Then at the 3rd gym you use starter and 2 caught pokemon.
4th gym is starter and 3 caught pkmn
5th gym is starter and 4 caught pkmn
6th gym is starter and 5 caught pkmn
At the end of the 6th gym, your team is permanent, unless your pkmn cannot learn a certain HM, you can exchange a pkmn for an HM slave.

Also, You can catch others, but put them in your pc immediately,for example in R/B/Y/FR/LG/ you need like 20 pkmn for flash or something. So you can catch as many as you want, but don't battle with it unless it's the pokemon your choosing to catch for the next gym.

Rules: No Cheat codes or Hacking.
All PKMN games can be used
Emulator and Speed-up Button are allowed.

The game ends at: R/B/Y: Beat the elite 4
G/S/C/HG/SS: Beat Red
R/S/E: ruby and sapphire, Beat elite 4, Emerald, Beat steven
FR/LG: Beat elite 4
D/P/PT: Beat the elite 4
B/W: Beat Elite 4(2nd round)

Current Challengers:
PatPatL(Me), Red
Jay2322, Emerald
Infersaime, Platinum
Itstoppedatumbreon, Crystal

Luigi-San, Gold

Sign Up Form:
Planned Team(optional):

My Sign Up Form:
Username: Patpatl
Game: Red Version
Planned Team: Bulbasaur,Zubat,Mankey,Pidgey,Ekans,Tentacool

Have fun everyone!

Remember to also post updates on your adventures!
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