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Kerin's eyes darted around as Marisa began to point out the strange animals. Yeah. The moth was weird all right. And... the white crow? Raven maybe? Maybe a Magpie or something. Well, whatever. Kerin could easily kill any animal with his bare hands. Unless these were super demon scary animals, which then Kerin had no idea at all.

"Does Ms. Moth have a name?"

"Alice. Her name is Alice."

Kerin sat down at the table and began to munch on the snacks he had put down. He heard the song change again, bobbing his head to it as it got into the beat. Yeah, these were his kinds of songs. He couldn't really imagine what kind of music Marisa was into, probably not drum and bass. Okay, so, party. Maybe casual conversation might help. He swallowed what he was eating and clicked his tongue a little, then coughed. He could feel the blood capsule slowly wearing off. He felt fine, but it would be 2 or 3 hours before he would start having to go back to kitchens and demand raw steak or something. Still, these chocolates were good.

"So, Bern," Kerin started. It still felt funny to say. "Um. Tell us about yourself! And no lies, right?" Kerin laughed a little. He kind of regretted asking as soon as he did. She probably had some elongated story that would be some kind of dark horror movie. He blinked then grabbed another handful of food.
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