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    Originally Posted by M.L View Post
    ohk first off that side area is unaccesible unless it is really needed i dunno why its their :? the flower placement isnt bad but in some places its just randomely every where lol the trees have some shadow errors :) hmm i have to say over all its not bad so i think i shall go with


    my map town 1
    rom FR
    pokemon tanzanite
    credits yea alucas calis project and Anbuja

    (Btw i saw their are a few trees with side errors i just noticed now)
    Okay well this doesn't really look like a town. It looks more like an assortment of building in the middle of the forest. The path is too small in that it doesn't cover a route to all of the houses. The pond is a nice touch however. The two houses at the bottom look too small and all of the houses use the same palette which makes the map look monotonous. But above all the map looks empty. There's not enough going on for a map of that size. It'd be a good idea to either trim down the size of the map or add something else to fill up the empty spaces.

    Rating: 4/10

    Originally Posted by LapeFruitz View Post
    It's an OK map, but there are some tile errors, ex: the small trees to the left don't have the top when they overlap eachother, and you put the top over a tile where there should of been another tree. I like the normal trees, they look pretty cool. Whats up with those double fences over by the ugly looking pokemon center? The map is also very square, which doesn't look good :\


    Map Name: Kontrola Town
    Map Game: Firered Hack
    Comments: This is the beginning town of my hack. This is the third version and I'm pretty happy about it, tell me what you think.

    First things first, the lack of tree shading is really noticeable. I never knew shading had such an impact. Secondly, the flowers look too dark and unnatural. Third the houses [the small ones with the red roof] are missing windows which make them look unrealistic.

    On to the map, the layout is decent. Actually for a starter town it looks really good. One issue I have is that there is no path connecting the houses to the left with the rest of the map. A path would make it more town-y. The two red houses don't look as good as the blue ones. I think it's because they are lacking the windows and look too small by comparison. Again a connecting path would be nice. The pond is nice and uneven, which is good but having a two tile edge is weird and too restricting on the player while surfing. The trees to the left all seem random and unnecessary, as the player will never see them all.

    Overall this map is decent but could do with a few minor changes.
    Rating: 6/10

    Originally Posted by JayJay700 View Post
    Rating: 7/10

    Reason: I don't think that the golden statues and staircases match the colour of the cave which causes them to stand out a bit much. Also, the statues aren't placed in a very good way and are a bit too close together, and as a result they look like they were just placed without thought. Finally, the area with the hole in the middle of the map (which will probably be some kind of event?) is almost a dead straight path from the entrance, which makes the edges of the map a bit pointless. Apart from these reasons, it is a great cave and has a well designed layout and tileset :)

    Suggestions: Place the statues in a more organised way (such as having two on either side of where the player will walk down), spread these statues out, maybe redesign the statues to have a more stoney look to match the rest of the map, and move the entrance to make a more challenging map.

    And here's my map:

    Map Name: Lexdew Town

    Map Game: Fire Red

    Comments: The starter town for my new hack. Credits to Full Metal for the Rom Base

    Attachment 61514
    Wow, this map looks pretty good. The tiles look really good and you use them very well. Kudos for that.

    There isn't much to say about this. It is REALLY good for a starter town. Basic [like Pallet Town]but not too basic [like Littleroot]. The pond is very nice and the paths look great. I don't know how you'd go about fixing this town since there really isn't much wrong with it!

    Rating: 9/10
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