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    Originally Posted by M.L View Post
    wow impressive i have to say the mountains in my opinion should have a little bit more natural to them but thats fine the house placement id great and not too squashed i really have to say Good map so i know you people like ratings 8.5/10
    my map
    testing tiles
    rom FR
    game?? for a friend
    comments the screenshot cut out the top bit
    It's weird to critique you xd

    Rating : 9/10

    Reason: I like it alot, the tiles too, it looks natural. The only thing that bothers me, is the shadow of the trees, at the bottom, looks like it's cut off, since it's a straight line, but on the sides it isn't a straight line. I hope you now what I mean. And that's because od the tile.

    And I feel the PC is a bit out of place, it doesn't really fit in, in my opinion.

    I like it alot, but I can't say it's a perfect 10

    My Map, Route 1, Fire Red


    Now, this is my first map, go easy on me

    The hardest part was in my opinion to make it look natural.

    Credits to: .Mini