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    Originally Posted by M.L View Post
    my map
    testing tiles
    rom FR
    game?? for a friend
    comments the screenshot cut out the top bit :(
    Map review:

    The tiles are okay, well inserted with a nice set of palettes, but the water tiles' palette doesn't fit with the overall map; I think you should maybe darken the blue water a tad.

    As for the map, I can't see any particular design to the map. The random displacement of the trees and mountain boulders, the overall shape of the map, and framework of the water is rather weak, to say the least. The displacement of the flowers is too arbitrary and unappealing. I also don't see the purpose of the mountain pieces just placed there; maybe they are a nice touch to maps in general, but I don't like them. The wild grass is only okay if the map is a route; otherwise no. From the looks of the PC there, I'm guessing the map is a somewhat checkpoint of some sort.

    There are too much to consider when improving your map, so I will just throw at you a couple of suggestions of my own and you're free to either follow my somehow unreliable advice or just swear at me and move on.

    Let us start with the most basic feature of all maps: the trees. In your map, there isn't that natural feeling lingering there; your trees are just randomly put. First, remove the single-placed trees all over the map. The map is outlined by trees, but is too square; try adding more than one layer of trees to thicken that outline and do not aim for just a straight set of trees. The mountain boulders should go - they don't have a real purpose just lying there. What I suggest is to either construct a separate mountain somewhere that doesn't obstruct the player's movements or just rid of it completely. The wild grass' displacement need to be more organized; you also have the issue of randomly placing stuff anywhere here. The water should be either moved to the sides of the map or just removed. As for the PC, maybe move it a little bit to the top-right or just right.

    I hope you don't think I was too 'harsh' because that wasn't my aim. I hope you will consider my advice. I should probably give a rating now, but won't due to the incompleteness of the map.

    Onto my map.

    : This also is my first map, like ever. I took a while trying to spot any tile errors and perfect the tree shadowing, and I hope I didn't disappoint. I am aware of some empty spaces in the map and I intend to fill some, but I need your suggestions. The general feeling I was aiming for is a Nintendo-styled map, with little 'decorations' from myself. I know it isn't very well-made and maybe a little small for a route, but I tried, so I hope you consider that.

    Some map explanations before you judge
    : The map connection on the left of the map leads to a large lake that will only be accessible after obtaining the 6th badge and HM Surf. The upper connection leads to the second town and the lower one leads to your hometown.

    Map name
    : Route One