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    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    The new Caves redo looks great!

    and giovanni *woop woop*

    Also you mention , never to happen promotion!
    Due to them being in team rocket yearsafter the break up when giovanni made team rocket return. He promoted them.
    Thanks ^^ about the promotion, I didn't knew that I'm still from the first generation :P

    Originally Posted by Darkerm View Post
    Update! cool.
    New Cave looks Awesome.
    Hope you fix those Bugs and Gilch.
    Thanks, keep on updating....
    Thanks ^^

    Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
    Dude, I love it when I see people make their own tiles, or combine them to make a great tileset. Plus, nice work on the map, usually you don't see people working with the HG/SS tiles for it, but you did good. I'll be keeping up with this hack
    Thanks ^^

    Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
    If you need an awesome Jessie/James sprite, ask Metapod for one. He has a sprite of them in Ash Gray.
    If he gives you the sprite, remember to credit him.
    No needed for that anymore ;) Wesley FG created them for me and I have to say these are impresive aswell.

    Originally Posted by ahsome View Post
    What does the black portal do?
    "Jessie and james with there never going to happen promotion" LOL XD
    Thanks, well the portal is based on POKéMON Platinum, it's the famous portal to the Torn world!

    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    @Mitchel1 dont mention it ^^ .
    the new cave map looks great, i think that fits the game better than the old ones. The "Jessie and james never to happen promotion" seems pretty goos so far cant wait to read the full text in the game. Also cant wait to see how the "Decision based story line" will work, so far it sounds good & if its as good as it sounds the game will be amazing.
    Thanks, well I won't post screens from the decision based story line you need to find out in the alpha cause it's already added and working!

    Originally Posted by jaggedsoul View Post
    hahahaha yes mitchel1 is back ^_^ im still waiting for the release date ^_^ im waiting for 2 yrs and no one can stop me wahahahaha i wanna play this game go mitchel
    Hehe soon, keep your eyes on this thread. See the "to-do list" in this update.

    Originally Posted by mew_nani View Post
    ...*Looks at date*

    ... July 30...
    ....darn I'm late. :\

    I love the caves. And of course James and Jesse will never get promoted. If you can't catch a measly Pikachu, you'll NEVER be taken seriously. :\ At least not in Team Rocket. (Or anywhere else... heheh. :D)
    Hehe indeed I agree with that xD

    Originally Posted by wildarms001 View Post
    hope you can finish your hack this time mitchel :D good luck
    Thanks ^^

    Originally Posted by [T]ouko View Post
    Damn, those tiles look amazing! This looks great :)

    ~Also Dutch ROM Hacker :)
    Thanks ^^

    So yeah... New updates! =)

    Today I would like to show some eye candy graphics, adding the new bag layout inclusive new bag! (and a bug ...)
    Some new ways to check if you've completed the side quests in town, pre-realese screenshots from Jessie and James (overworld and script)
    Screenshots from second part gym 1!

    Currently we are encounter some bugs with "alpha testing" that first seriously need to be fixed.
    B: Working on it
    I: Sadly enough not a solution yet.
    U: Still wait for an answer from JPAN

    - D/N error, after trainer battle the pallet will return original. (working with mindfreak on this)
    - Costum Trainer battle Battle ground
    - Still need a well sprited Jessie and James OW. some tryed already but became a mess (sadly enough)(Thanks Wesley FG)
    - JPAN's auto increse wild POKéMON/Trainer POKéMON level. We have been study this but havn't came any further. It seems like a bug in the routline.
    - Gesina gym second Spinarak-mobile still glitchy.
    -Bagpack glitcht after scrolling to next page

    Well lets continue to our updates shall we?

    Wesley FG: Jessie and James OW (For Dark cry: TLoG only!)
    Mobious: Bagpack Layout + bag! (Design) (For Dark cry: TLoG only!)

    New bag design (inclusive, sadly enough a bug) If you know a fix please tell me! I would appreciate it!
    Before >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> After

    Want to see your side quest progress? Simply check the board at your local Pokecenter!

    The most favorite and famous characters of all times has been returned! Meet and greet Jessie and James!

    Explore the first gym that has been based on (before it went out!!!) HG/SS!
    Second part of this works now for 70% bug free and testing the last things in this map!

    That's all for today people, hope you understand the situation and enjoyed the new updates.