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    Originally Posted by Surigamaru View Post
    Map review:

    Onto my map.

    : This also is my first map, like ever. I took a while trying to spot any tile errors and perfect the tree shadowing, and I hope I didn't disappoint. I am aware of some empty spaces in the map and I intend to fill some, but I need your suggestions. The general feeling I was aiming for is a Nintendo-styled map, with little 'decorations' from myself. I know it isn't very well-made and maybe a little small for a route, but I tried, so I hope you consider that.

    Some map explanations before you judge
    : The map connection on the left of the map leads to a large lake that will only be accessible after obtaining the 6th badge and HM Surf. The upper connection leads to the second town and the lower one leads to your hometown.

    Map name
    : Route One

    Alright, first I'd like to say, there is nothing wrong with your map. It is flawless, and I could almost say perfect, in technique. However, it misses something. And that something is what I also always struggle with. Creativity.

    Your map isn't square, it looks natural, you achieved your nintendo-like style, it isn't ugly. But it looks like you don't want to take risks, you don't dare to add in that little pond because it might ruin the map And this is what I say is creativity, the ability to play with maps in a way that makes them interesting. It's also very hard to learn, and it can only be learned with experience, very few mappers have it. I know I don't.

    But seeing as this route serves as a connection route, it's fine. Connection routes that lead to lakes and towns shouldn't be all too special anyway, but I'd love to see something more special from you, as your technique and style is close to perfection

    Ratingg: 9.5/10

    Thank you The Blueprint !!!