Thread: [Gen V] Rain, rain go away. OU RMT.
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What's up with those Jirachi EVs? Not EVing in special stats is incredibly wasteful. With only 260 Special Attack, it's going to take a few boosts to really do any kind of damage, and with no HP EVs, you really aren't getting the most out of it that you could in terms of special bulk. The Speed EVs will be more useful accompanied by a Timid nature (guarantees that you outspeed stuff like Jolly CB Haxorus that can easily come in and revenge kill or even come in on a CM). I would definitely put more EVs in Special Attack out of HP/Defense just so that you get more out of Calm Mind. I don't really know if you're trying to run a bulky CM Jirachi or more of an all-out attacker, but it kinda seems stuck in the middle and ultimately doesn't do either of them particularly well.

Same with Volcarona, really. After a Quiver Dance, you're basically robbing Volcarona of nearly 100 Special Attack points. Unless the bulk is for something specific (since I have never used Volcarona, I wouldn't know :x), wouldn't power be better for something that's an all-out attacker? Especially something that is clearly an early game Pokemon since it is really hurt by the presence of Politoed.
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