Thread: [Gen V] Rain, rain go away. OU RMT.
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hey nice team!!!! =)

the biggest problem i see for this team is entry hazards, especially SR, and since you do not have a rapid spinner to get rid of hazards then switching is going to hurt half your team if SR is up. volcarona will take half from them and tornadus and thundurus wont like it at all. =/

some ways around it are either take out the hazard user ASAP or taunt them. with two priority taunters on your team that should be easy, if you choose to replace a move with taunt. although your current sets for tornadus & thundurus seem to be effective.

another thing is: i feel your team could benefit from tailwind, namely, haxorus who still gets outsped by timid latios. ( well without DD up anyways). with tailwind you will be able to set up sooner and avoid taking as much damage.

overall you have a really nice team an you check lots of different weather abusers and users.

hope this helps =)