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    -I looked slightly dissapointed when my flames aimed toward the wall just dispersed. I kinda wanted to see something explode, so yeah, I was kinda pissed. Pouting, I watched her demonstration, her hands positioned like she was driving an SUV. Then she extended her right hand as far as she could reach, as if she was pulling something out of a tube or cylinder.

    As she extended it, a red light seemed to run from her left hand to her right. When she opened her right hand and held the open end, she paused, and a moment later the red sword burst into flames, making it look like she was holding a flame sword. Now, it was my turn, I positioned my own hands like I was driving. As I extended my left hand, I concluded that my own would be longer, since I had a longer reach. The red beam materialized like her own, but stopped halfway, of course I didn't notice since I was looking at her. When I let the flame flow from my own body, it ran smoothly until it reached the end, and began flaming out in all directions.

    This caught my attention, and I quickly severed the flow of flames.-

    "Ah... I'm gonna try that again... that never happened." Closing my eyes this time, I duplicated the process again, this time the red beam reaching my other hand. This time however, I decided to add my own touch to it, causing the flames to wash over my right fist, and enlarge, creating a medium sized sphere. Soon objects resembling spikes began to appear along the surface of the spear. Grinning, I held it up for her to see. Of course it was much heavier then it looked, but that wasn't much of a problem for me.-

    "Well, it's not like yours... but it's still affective!" I said while grinning.
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