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    Chapter 3- Mammon - Underworld

    I watched, sword at my side, as he tried. I immediately noticed that the light wasn't fully connected. "R-" Too late. I held in laughter when the flames shot out the open end. He was quick to start over from scratch. This time, he made sure that the light extended out. However, he didn't do the process the same way as me. He added a sphere at the end with what appeared to be spikes. I blinked, and looked around at my own weapons. What kind of weapon was that called again. My eyes scanned over a until they found the flail. I suppose it was something like that...

    I grinned back at him. "Alrighty. A whip... Take your free hand, and grip it back beside your other like on the first step. Then just crush the energy there." I demonstrated this, and the millisecond I crushed the energy in my hand, the sword's 'blade' went limp and nearly touched the floor. "There. A whip." I grinned evily, and snapped the fire whip up. The end was about an inch from his eyes. "Juuuust to let you know, any injuries inflicted here heal automatically~" I snickered, holding the whip at my hip. "Anything in particular you'd like to learn?~"

    Chapter 3 - Bernkastel Vermillia - Demon District

    "You want... Me to talk about myself?" Well, wasn't that I direct way of getting information... But I complied. They would have to answer to me as well, in the end. Calmly, I walked over and sat myself down. Marisa squealed happily, running over and climbing onto Kerin's lap. Fang also decided to sit at a chair, but he was cautious about the cat underneath the table. That cat wasn't going to hurt him... Not anyone. With a deep breath, I talked about myself.

    "I'm fortunate to have the life I do... People always expect me to be an outcast... No family... Maybe not even a home... But that's all because of how willing I am to participate in these games... People say that I'm only participating so I can have more fame and fortune... Not true. Even before I was of age to participate, I lived in a house much bigger than many. My father is a dark arts magician. My mother is a priestess..." I reach over and take a small piece of chocolate between my fingers. "I went to school like every other person my age, but I was kicked out when I was eleven." Fang furrows his eyebrows at me curiously.


    Well, they were listening... That was a good sign. "Two reasons. The first was that my IQ was much too high to be attending school... The second reason was that I pretended to put a curse on this bully in my class... It was just for fun, you know..." My eyes glaze over as I remember what happened. "He died." I stick the piece of chocolate on my tongue. There is a long period of silence, and I continue my story. "My mom thought I was overtaken by the Demon Lord. She thought it was a curse. My father researched. He had me perform tests and stuff..." My eyes clear up and the corner of my mouth arches. "When he had me go into a demon crusification circle, Vergil popped out of my body." I take my closed hands, and open my fingers. "Pop."

    "Vergil? Whose Vergil?" It's Marisa this time.

    I smile lightly and look over in Shiro's direction for a moment. The white raven opens its wings immediately, and takes flight over to the table. He lands on my shoulder, but I don't pay it notice as I answer. "Vergil is a Demon Servant of the Demon Lord. So, my mom was close." The moth on my hat is now fluttering over by Marisa, which makes her giggle. "But I only saw him that day. I didn't see him again until after the second games. Him, Mammon, and the others." I pause for a moment, looking at the raven. "Oh. Mammon isn't dead, by the way."
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