Thread: [Gen V] Rain, rain go away. OU RMT.
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Taunt works better on Tornados over U-Turn. This lets you set up on Skarmory and stops status, phazing etc.

You are most likely going to want something to stop Stealth Rock however, Volcarona is 4x weak to it, and the genie's are both 2x weak to it. Speaking of which id most likely replace Volcarona, it does nothing and rain severely nerfs it. Id most likely replace it for a Spinner. Starmie might work nicely as it benefits greatly from Drizzle.

Also, a rather concerning feature of this team is it hardly has any defense, priority or really fast scarfers (Politoed doesn't count, everything respectable beats it after a boost) if something sets up. Id probably look into replacing Jirachi for maybe something like Scizor whose Bullet Punch may help mitigate this teams lack of ability to stop things that can set up. Haxorus might be replaceable too in regards to this.

I hope this helps a little, sorry it wasnt really in depth its late so yeah.
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