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Ok, what did I do now?
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    I suppose I should ask some things that are on my mind, too

    1) Can Eevee be obtained from that guy in Celedon? I figured I'd ask that so if it's possible there can be some kind of plot idea to make it so anyone who'd like one can, or if it isn't you can make it clear before you have to deal with someone going "whoot-automatic-free-Eevee-lulz" when you didn't want it to happen. (Umbreon ftw XD)

    2) By extension, what give-away pokemon are allowed? (Eevee, Simi- pokemon, Magikarp, Togepi egg, etc; I figured Shuckle was out regardless)

    3) Are we only able to encounter Johto/Kanto Pokemon? If not, is it possible to encounter Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova pokemon within reason?

    4) If yes to the second half of my third question, is it possible to encounter Joltik in Viridian Forest? It'd be cool to have one ;x

    5) If yes to the second half of my third question, when could my character find the Protector item?

    6) Is Mankey available in Viridian Forest, or on the way to the Victory Road's gate entrance?

    7) A part of my character's history is that his first-ever Pokemon was taken by Team Galactic (and since no complaints were made about that, I figure that it's ok). Would it be alright if, some time later into the RP, my character enters a Galactic facility and reunites with it? I don't really care if it's found either as a Squirtle still or it gets to be a Wartortle; it's not going to evolve beyond Wartortle out of personal preference.

    And sorry if I asked too many questions; I wanted to get those all clear... though chances are that I'll have more. I can have a lot of questions at times. XD

    And woot to Lavender Town gym!! I love Lavender Town! XD
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