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Kerin rested his head against his hand and raised his eyebrows at every single point Bernkastel made. Oh boy. Kerin suspected he had the most boring life out of everyone; Fang had a sister that did stuff in the Population Games (plus he was a vampire), Marisa had crazy parents and grew up in an orphanage, Shiro probably had some psychopathic background including drugs, killing her parents and doing... other stuff, whereas Kerin was a... a mistake. A walking mistake. He blinked a few times, pulling himself off his train of thought and continued to listen. When Bernkastel was finished, he really didn't have much to say.

"W-wow," he stuttered. It was all he could really muster. Wait, no, he had another sentence. "That's um... that's quite a story." He was right then. Elongated, horror-movie like, crazy, etc. His eyes dart around a little as the animals shift their position. Okay, this was kind of freaking him out. Were they planning an attack or something. He stifled a cough and sat up a little, trying to keep at least some of the animals he could see in his vision. Though... Kerin really didn't have anything else to say. He just hoped to god she wouldn't ask him.
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