Thread: [Gen V] Rain, rain go away. OU RMT.
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Originally Posted by Anti View Post
What's up with those Jirachi EVs? Not EVing in special stats is incredibly wasteful. With only 260 Special Attack, it's going to take a few boosts to really do any kind of damage, and with no HP EVs, you really aren't getting the most out of it that you could in terms of special bulk. The Speed EVs will be more useful accompanied by a Timid nature (guarantees that you outspeed stuff like Jolly CB Haxorus that can easily come in and revenge kill or even come in on a CM). I would definitely put more EVs in Special Attack out of HP/Defense just so that you get more out of Calm Mind. I don't really know if you're trying to run a bulky CM Jirachi or more of an all-out attacker, but it kinda seems stuck in the middle and ultimately doesn't do either of them particularly well.

Same with Volcarona, really. After a Quiver Dance, you're basically robbing Volcarona of nearly 100 Special Attack points. Unless the bulk is for something specific (since I have never used Volcarona, I wouldn't know :x), wouldn't power be better for something that's an all-out attacker? Especially something that is clearly an early game Pokemon since it is really hurt by the presence of Politoed.
The Evs are quite messed up, yes. x_x But they're mainly like that to add extra bulk. Jirachi's spread was originally 252 SpA/252Spe which got it mauled by some powerful physical attacks, now it doesn't go down so easy. \: Same with Volcarona really; except she just gets mauled by a non-resistant physical attack.

Originally Posted by pokecole View Post
This team looks pretty good. "Thunder in the rain takes care of Water types, and can possibly make them flinch, which is always trolly." How can thunder make them flinch? It can paralyze them though if thats what you mean. But like I said the team looks legit.
Thanks & uh I meant paralysis. x_x I just got messed up. :x
Originally Posted by dreyko View Post
hey nice team!!!! =)

the biggest problem i see for this team is entry hazards, especially SR, and since you do not have a rapid spinner to get rid of hazards then switching is going to hurt half your team if SR is up. volcarona will take half from them and tornadus and thundurus wont like it at all. =/

some ways around it are either take out the hazard user ASAP or taunt them. with two priority taunters on your team that should be easy, if you choose to replace a move with taunt. although your current sets for tornadus & thundurus seem to be effective.

another thing is: i feel your team could benefit from tailwind, namely, haxorus who still gets outsped by timid latios. ( well without DD up anyways). with tailwind you will be able to set up sooner and avoid taking as much damage.

overall you have a really nice team an you check lots of different weather abusers and users.

hope this helps =)
I've noticed SR does tend to hurt a lot. I'm gonna take D_A's advice and replace Volcarona for Starmie. I may try using Tailwind on Scizor [Who's replacing Jirachi] and see how that works, thanks for the advice.

Originally Posted by Dark Azelf View Post
Taunt works better on Tornados over U-Turn. This lets you set up on Skarmory and stops status, phazing etc.

You are most likely going to want something to stop Stealth Rock however, Volcarona is 4x weak to it, and the genie's are both 2x weak to it. Speaking of which id most likely replace Volcarona, it does nothing and rain severely nerfs it. Id most likely replace it for a Spinner. Starmie might work nicely as it benefits greatly from Drizzle.

Also, a rather concerning feature of this team is it hardly has any defense, priority or really fast scarfers (Politoed doesn't count, everything respectable beats it after a boost) if something sets up. Id probably look into replacing Jirachi for maybe something like Scizor whose Bullet Punch may help mitigate this teams lack of ability to stop things that can set up. Haxorus might be replaceable too in regards to this.

I hope this helps a little, sorry it wasnt really in depth its late so yeah.
I've decided on Starmie and Scizor to replace Volcarona and Jirachi, I'll see how they do. I do see how the team is quite weak; defense-wise.
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