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"I know," Kerin nodded. At least he thought he knew. "It's just... there are so many of them around." Bernkastel then said something about Ver... Vergil? That was the demon she had mentioned before! So it was still apart of her or something like that? The crow blew up into a puff of smoke then rematerialised as a boy. A boy probably the same age as Kerin. Funny, he was wearing school uniform kind of deal (something Kerin would have used to wear on the odd occasion himself). He was practically grayscale aside from his eyes; they were a blood red, like Bernkastel's had been briefly on the helicopter. He put two and two together and blinked. Was it coincidence?

"Hello... Vergil," he said it slowly, making sure he said it properly, like the first time he had said Bernkastel. He didn't look all powerful, but thanks to those comic books that Kerin used to read, the quiet and childish ones were always the most sinister, right? Well, maybe. He gave Vergil a small smile. Well at least they were changing the subject around. He didn't feel indanger though, Kerin felt remotely safe. Bern was their guest, and now Vergil was too. Might as well show some hospitality or something. "Uh, do you eat? Do you want some of these?" Kerin grabbed another handful of whatever was in front of him.
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