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"Um, why?" Kerin blinked. He was useless. There was nothing he could offer at the moment, his priority was Marisa. And even if she wasn't here, he couldn't do anything. Except punch someone so hard they turn inside out. But couldn't any of her summons do that anyways? This boy was probably super strong and then there was Mammon. And the snake? God knows what else she had hiding up her sleeve. God probably didn't anyway. As Vergil said some funny things and Bernkastel did some funny things, Kerin just blinked back at them. And the comment about the red eyes... okay, that was freaky. Kerin was just thinking that. Surely a god of knowledge or whatever he said he was... yeah, he probably could read his thoughts. Oh great. Nothing was secret now. Not even that. Kerin coughed again, moving his though direction around.

"I got nothing," Kerin made a face. And then, Bernkastel smiled at her familiars. It was... a little warming. Much better than her slate face before. Then it was gone. Oh.
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