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Kerin screwed up his face. Firearms? He hadn't touched one ever. Dartgun? What the hell did that even look like? Traps? Well, he caught a fish once. Maybe. He felt eyes move towards him and Marisa. Oh god, what the hell could he say? Lying wasn't going to get him anywhere. He scratched his face. He remembered someone talking about how districts pick out the weakest in their masses? Yup, that was him. Marisa was rated top tier, she surely had something she wasn't mentioning. Okay, well, he might as well say something before the crickets started.

"Well, uh, I used to beat up the bullies in my old school and a ," As much as he tried to make it sound impressive, it really wasn't. Well, whatever, just say it you stupid. "Well, I was told that I was meant to do some kind of magic but, well, yeah, and I've never held a gun or a sword in my life." Kerin looked down at his hands and at the scars on his knuckles. They didn't have that "thumbprint" skin pattern on them anymore; he had scraped the skin off one too many times. They were now pretty much permanent scars. Though he hadn't punched anyone since like... last month.
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