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Considering I'm not restarting my game, I'll let you know the stats that I have right now. This is for my pokemon Platinum game.

I chose the girl and named myself Eryes. I chose Chimchar as my starter because it is the only fire fight type that I like. I named him Lucifer, I l41ike to give some of my pokemon names from Mythology. Though I did trade in a piplup and turtwig through GTS. Right now I beat the sixth gym, with my lvl 38 traded empoleon versus a lvl 41 Bastiodon, Empoleon, when traded had Hydro Pump on it.

My team as it stands is: I don't really care for the natures but it makes for better listings.
Lucifer: Lvl 41 adamant Infernape
Chomper: lvl 39 Impish Gabite
Empoleon: lvl 38 Bashful
Lucario: lvl 39 timid, I got him in trade with one of my other games.
Luca: lvl 16 lonely Riolu, the only in game Riolu that I got.
Banshee: lvl 19 lonely duskull that I caught out of randomness. I might want to train her up some before ditching her. Yes it's a female.

That's all I have right now.
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