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@SelenaStar: You can catch the Pikachu in Viridian Forest. Granted

@Scarf Blade:

1) Things like give-away Pokemon and Rare Items are usually rewards for ranking up, although there may be quests to obtain them otherwise.

2) You will mostly see and catch Johto/Kanto Pokemon. But, exemptions can be made. Example, you can also catch Starlys in a area where you can find Pidgeys. Make sense?

3) WTFF is a Joltik? Explain that to me first.

4) Mankey is on Route 22. Granted

5) Sure you can eventually meet up with your original starter.

@Kitred123: Gastly Granted at Sprout Tower.

@Fire-run: Last time I checked, you are not in this RP.
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