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    Originally Posted by Darkfox1525 View Post
    I Loled alot reading this. Great job!

    Also, get Milktank, and call it "Got Milk?" (Lol, i know, i know, lame joke, but come on, it fits perfectly. XD)
    Thanks! It means alot to me!

    I'm not a big fan of Miltank, but I'll get it just for you!

    Well, here it is.

    Chaputa 3: The dark and dreadful swamp!

    Well, now that I made my decison, I've decided to catch some monsters and find lugia!





    Must have.

    Isn't that awesome? She will serve as the chef of the Emochu Crew!

    50 glory points to Dark Fox!!
    BUT, we shall call her Miruku for slang/nicknickname.

    I'mma milkin mah Miltank! (Hillbilly voice)

    Grindin' Miruku!

    And just how is that supposed to help??


    Fool...trying to out-master the milkster...

    Glub glub glub

    Ugh. That took forever!

    This also took forever!


    Fastener. He was once a sharp-clawed rat, now he's a furious dragon! We a shall nicknickname him Fasuna.

    Chu chu chu chu chu chu!

    Nowwww back to hyper grindi-


    How many times has it ripped it's Pissed off elastic band?

    What were you expecting?

    Well, heres the team so far after hours of grinding:

    BDSM Bull, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny.

    Captain Blubberlafugus and his (unseen) golden Sporkscrew of Secks!

    Got Milk aka Miruku, don't think about it, just enjoy.

    Fastener aka Fasuna......demonic pet of the Demon Sisters!

    Well, here we go!

    Well, yeah I guess so

    Nononono baby!


    How do you like it when my bull does bondage onto itself?

    I guess you don't like it at all

    YAY. where the hell are we?

    Oh that's right, the Swamp of Silence...
    It doesn't really live up to it's name what with all the thunder and lightning.

    Now let's see what lurks in this marsh...

    IIRC, bivalves don't live in the swamp

    Now you see them

    Now ya don't! :D

    Continuing on the swamp safari:

    I heard they have delicious tails.



    I could swear it's a walking muffin.

    What's the freaking point of that hair?!

    Weird swamp is weird.

    I actually want this thing.

    It's melting from the rain!!!

    How queer...

    I love insects

    It's feeling quite horny then! *bricked*

    Forgot to screen cap the nickname screen.

    Then I caught him.

    Because I couldn't fit in ''Rape''

    Time to drop some one off.

    Your shinyness no longer interests me

    I honestly don't see why there is this ''bridge''.


    Do you have the balls to do it?

    Time to do some hyper grinding for Juice and Tentacles!!

    An hour later

    Come at me bro! (am i doing it right?)

    Guess what?


    Over and done!

    It is an absolute

    Let's just get this freaking battle on already! O_O


    Of course it did, it had no use in life at all, aren't we all happy now?

    Come at me sis!

    Sleep my child......

    An thus begins the BDSM...

    Quite tight, isn't it?

    Now that that's over with, let's head to

    It's still raining

    Can you feel the sunshine? Does it brighten up your daaaaaayyy~
    Isn't tropic cove lovely?

    Need to restore my nectars and island balls.

    I don't want to be rude stranger...but could you know....LEAVE ME ALONE?

    Something like this I guess?

    You know, I'd really like a Snickers pie, never got to try one but I'm sure I'd love it.

    I love Snickers, I should buy some, a big pack.

    It's hard to think about it since I'm fasting atm and I can only eat until sun down. Too bad we don't really have any Snickers here at home, but he have cake, jelly, that dessert my sister made and--


    Your not my biological father, hell I barely even know who you are even though you supposedly adopted me.

    Yeah, why should you care 'tho?

    It was a short walk from home you s****y b****...

    Keep your horrible hands off Cpt. Blubberlafugus!

    Already am.
    'Cept I'm definately not like you.

    Were's my katana when I need it

    And then this dude comes in.

    You know the drill of R/S/E, we go out to get him his Pokemon.

    What the hell are you talking about, we're on a ''Bridge'' and all I see is water, no tall grass.

    AOKAY :p :D



    Lvl.5 Ralts knows Psychic? Your screwed kid

    Told ya.

    W-wait a minute, it's still up? And it's asking me to switch out???

    Uh oh.....


    And then that triangle thing under the health bar started doing weird things and the game crashed


    The end of Pokemon Obsidia-WAIT! I SAVED :D

    Let's try this again.

    Because we can successfully play Pokemon Obsidian! Not cause of your stupid Ralts.

    I like Snickers pies too.

    Bye bye!

    I need no advice, fool!

    Zzzzzzzz.....nah? I wasn't listening


    Finally, good riddance and good grief!
    Amber Beach!

    Also, should I keep Got Milk?
    Until next time! Maybe that'll be later on, depends.

    *SIGH* That was extremely long, took 3/2 hours to do .
    I'm just an Emochu here to have fun. That is all.