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    I thought to myself for a moment, allowing the flaming flail to dissipate, before going over the participants of the game. "Ryuu" I thought, frowning slightly. The guy wasn't too smart, but even with that, his strength would be very hard to overcome. I was, and still am the strongest of my district, yet my strength is not yet enough to overpower Ryuu. I was pretty fast though, and very skilled with free running, which would include scaling walls, climbing trees etc.

    " I don't know... but I need to get stronger... what I'm thinking about right now is Ryuu's strength. That is something I won't be able to deal with alone... unless you have some method that could make me stronger... or even faster. If not, then can you teach me to simply enhance my own features by creating... oh, I don't know, flaming claws or blazing wings... something like that."

    I paused a bit before speaking again, clearing my throat. " I also foresee that I'm going to have to ask for an alliance with Bern if I'm going to survive this thing. No matter how strong I get... there is no question in my mind, that I'm going to need her help... as well as yours." I spoke with a surprisingly serious tone, crossing my arms and closing my eyes. They say a thing called an Aura can portray peoples true feeling and intentions. Mine, if bl was visible in the underworld, was probably and uncertain yellow.
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