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    Last time, I managed to make it all ther way to Floroma Town in one sitting. Along the way, I recieved my starter Pokemon Piplup, as well as catching a Budew. Here's what I did next.

    * Entered the town itself, and explored a little. Got told about the Gradicia flowers, which are useful for a Pokemon that I'll never be able to get, even if the event to get Shaymin was still avaliable. Stupid Nintendo.
    * Ignored the flower shop, as I have no use for Berries (at least not for in-game), and I definatly have no use for the accessories that you can use in the contests in Hearthome City and photographc opportunities at Jubilife City.
    * Headed north, but didn't get very far due to being blocked off by Team Galatic Grunts. Now, some people would call them stupid in that *non-spoilers* they never know what the hell is going on throughout the game. I prefer to call them misguided, for precisely the same reason. At least Team Rocket/Aqua/Magma Grunts knew exactly what they were getting themselves into when they joined up.
    * Anyways, moving on. I head East onto Route 205, where I meet a little girl, who tells me that her dad is being held hostage at the Valley Windworks. Or at least words to that effect. But I say no to her. After all, I'm just a kid, dealing with Team Galactic should be the police's duty. That's what they're being paid to do, after all - catching criminals and whatnot.
    * I walk away as she looks very upset at what I just said, and attempt to walk to the northern part of the route. But nooooo, nothing can ever be that easy, can it. Just like before, there are Grunts blocking the way north. Okay, they asked for it. If they want their base of opperations messed up by a teenager, then they've got exactly what's coming for them.
    * Walking further East, I find the Valley Windworks itself, as well as a Grunt blocking the front entrance. Like that's any suprise at this point. Because I want a Roselia for the inevitable upcoming Admin fight, so my Prinplup actually has some support in battle, I spastically and continiously run from the wind turbine to the westernmost edge of Floroma Town for around 15 minutes in an attempt to increase its happiness. I save my game, level it up and hope for the best. No such luck.
    * After restarting my game, I decide to make some progress by fighting and defeating the Grunt guarding the door. After his loss, he decides to do the sensible thing and hide inside the Windworks, whilst also locking the door behing him. Unfortunatly, he loses sensible points by telling me that the Grunts by the forest also have a key to this place. Time to kick some more Grunt ass. I sure hope that this doesn't become a recurring pattern throughout the game.
    * Heading back to town, I heal up at the Poke Centre and go to the forest again. The Grunts have gone, but only into the forest. They're harassing a man for his honey so that they can use it "to attract Pokemon in great numbers". Creey or what. As expected, though, we have to fight them. However, despite the fact that there're two of them, they fight me one on one. Maybe they figured that if they fought me in a double battle, they would get doubly humiliated. Not that they weren't already, of course.
    * Whilst they ran away, they kindly dropped the other Windworks key, so that I can enter the place and kick their boss' ass. The man they harassed gives me some honey, so that I can get some Pokemon that I don't need or want. I head back to the Poke Centre and heal up.
    * For (technically) the second time, I head to the Valley Windworks, all pumped and ready to go. I unlock the door and just waltz inside. The Grunt from before only now goes and warns his boss about the potential security threat that's me. I follow after him, fighting some more pathetic Grunts along the way.
    * Soon enough, I see their boss. She calls herself Commander Mars. Dear God, I hope that's only a codename, otherwise, it brings up troubling implications for her childhood.
    * Anyway, she fought me with a Zubat and a Purugly. And trust me, the latter certainly lives up to its name. Because my Budew is extreamly stubbon, I'm forced to fight both the Pokemon with Prinplup. Luckily, I have some potions on me, so that I can keep her healed up. Inevitably, I win.
    * Afterwards, she calls me an "uppity brat" (whatever that means), but not before she argued with someone called Charon about who can tell who what to do. That sounds a little kinky in writing, doesn't it. Needless to say, they cleared out without any fuss, leaving just me and a scientist alone. Before he could say anything, however, his daughter came in, ignored me and called her dad stinky. Not that I could blame her, to be honest. but still, a little bit of appreciation would be nice, after all the effort I went through. I left them alone, went back to heal my Pokemon, and then, finally, headed north on Route 205...

    *...But not before I decided that I wanted to add a Drifloon to my team. Thus, providing the ultimate sacrifice of giving my soul to the Lord of Time himself, Dialga sent me into the future in order to allow me to catch this rare and elusive Pokemon (in layman's terms, I reset my DS to a Friday).
    * After catching it (after having to reset because it didn't have the Aftermath ability), I was transported back to the present day. Without any more messing around, I really did go to the northen part of Route 205.
    * Nothing much of interest happened happened to me as I walked North, except for the obviousness of continung to fight all the wild and trainer battles that I encountered as to gain as much experiance as possible for Drifloon.
    * Soon enough, however, I encountered the entrance to the Eternia Forest. Strangly enough, this happens to be the only forest in all of Sinnoh. I don't know why that is.
    * Reguardless, I entered and encountered Cheryl. If all women are as clingy as she is, then I'm very glad that I don't have a girlfriend. She forcefully insisted that I become her bodyguard so that she wouldn't be attack, despite the fact that she must have at least one decent Pokemon to have made it this far - unless, of course, she came from Floroma Town. Reguardless, I didn't get any choice in the matter.
    * Thankfully, she didn't speak whilst we mirandered through this place, so I got to enjoy the natural beauty of the Pokemon cries and the wind rustling through the tree branches. Unfortunatly, I had to contend with double battles, and even more direly, I had to share the experiance with her stupid Chansy.
    * Some time later, we reached the other end of the forest, Cheryl said her goodbyes, and I did a silent cheer as I never have to see her again. If anybody else wants me to be their bodyguard for a pathetically easy area as that, then I'll just have to politly say no and walk away.
    * As I entered into full sunlight again, I saw there were numerous fishermen on the dock area. Despite my policy, however, I felt very tired, and just wished to get to the next city. However, because I'm me, nothing ever goes that simply. As I was walking, a random fisherman came deep into my personal space, shouting that he wanted to show off the power of the six Magicarp that he had on him. I only to get on, I humoured him, and managed to beat them all in a minute. Leaving him disapointed, I finally entered Eternia City.

    * After a good nights sleep, I woke up refreshed. After collecting my Poke Balls from the nice nurse (no, not those Poke Balls). Whilst leaving, a man came up to me and handed over a ruckdsack before leaving just as quickly before I could say anything to him. Inside was a note saying how lucky I was to have gotten the Explorer's Kit, and that now I could look for stuff hidden underground. Feeling frustrated again, I stufted it in my backpack and set off to the Gym.
    * However, I bumped into my Rival again. Without apologising (again) he dragged me off somewhere to show me some statue. When I saw it, I could honestly say that it was the creepiest thing that I ever saw - it appeared to be an amalgernation of Dialga and Palkia. Beside the statue, however, was Cyrus, who was sprouting some more of his BS, before shoving past us to somewhere else (again).
    * Walking back to the city so that I can actually get my Gym Badge, I get stopped by yet another random stranger, calling herself Cynthia. After her ramblings (seriously, what is it about me that causes people to stop and ramble to me?) she gave me HM01 Cut before walking off. Without any more interuptions, I finally made it to the Gym.
    * Inside, a blast of purfume hit me full on as I saw what the Gym had to offer me. There was a clock in the centre, and every time I beat a trainer, they would cause the hands to move, so that I could beat the next trainer, and so on until I reached the Gym Leader herself.

    * After an intense battle, in which I naturally won, Gardenia gave me the Forest Badge, which, coincidently, allows me to use the HM that I just recieved. I will never work out how that's supposed to work.
    * Once I left the Gym, I headed southwards towards my next destination. However, when I got to the Gatehouse, I got told that I needed a bike in order to proceed. Off I trudge to the bike shop, only to find out that the owner was kidnapped by Team Galatic. In that case, he deserved to remain kidnapped. However, the temptation to get a free bike was too much, and I agreed to rescue him.
    * Heading North, I saw the Team Galactic Sub-Headquarters in plain site, and wondered how they managed to get the money for all the stuff that they alegedly do.
    * When I entered, a Galatic Grunt came up to me, and told me that he was Looker, before taking his disguise off in front of everyone, effectivly blowing his cover. Fortunatly, no-one seemed to notice this remarkable occurance, and he put his disguise back on before anyone could.
    * I managed to make my way to this group's leader, but not before they made a vain attempt to stop me from progressing.
    * The leader was another woman, this time calling herself Commander Jupiter. At this rate, there'll be one called Commander Saturn. Anyways, after some more rambling, she fought me. Embarissingly for me, however, was that I managed to lose against her Skuntank, who liberally used Night Slash over and over again. Due to this, my entire party was knocked out.
    * Luckily, due to my pact with the Lord of Time, he restored my team to full health, as well as made it so that me and Jupiter hadn't met yet. I went back to meet her, this time prepared with numerous potions.
    * I was second time lucky, as I managed to win against her, where she did the same thing as Mars and evacuated her whole base of opperations.
    * As promised, I got my bike from the grateful bike shop owner, and could now actually make some progress with my journey. So down I headed onto Cycling Road. And let me tell you, that has been one of the funnest things that I've done on this journey yet. The only thing that spoilt it was the excessive amount of trainers that I was forced to fight.
    * At the bottom of the road, there was a cutterable path that lead underneath the road. Along the way, Drifloon evolved into a Drifblim. At the end of it were two caves. After flipping a coin, I decided to head into the left cave entrance first.
    * Whilst walking around to see what kind of new Pokemon there were, I came across a Gible. Having read on the internet about how powerful its evolutions were, I decided to catch one for my ever growing team.
    * Putting it in the lead, it eliminated everything in its path, as I went deeper into the cave for more hidden items. At the end of the cave was a small room, which contained TM 26 Earthquake, which I immediately taught to Gible.
    * As I was leaving, I decided to see if Budew was happy enough with me yet to evolve. And what do you know, she did.

    And that's where my journey ends, for the minute at least.

    My team and stats:

    Roselia (Grass/Poison)
    Nature: Hasty (Decreased Defence/Increased Speed
    Personality: Likes to fight (Increased Attack)
    Ability: Poison Point

    Stats - HP: 56 Attack: 38
    Defence: 26 Special Attack: 54
    Special Defence: 40 Speed: 44

    Moves - Absorb Growth
    Mega Drain Stun Spore

    Prinplup (Water)
    Nature: Gentle (Decreased Defence/Increased Special Defence)
    Personality: Sturdy Body (Increased Defence)
    Ability: Torrent

    Stats - HP: 84 Attack: 51
    Defence: 49 Special Attack: 57
    Special Defence: 56 Speed: 41

    Moves - Pound, Metal Claw
    BubbleBeam, Peck

    Driftblim (Ghost/Flying)
    Nature: Mild (Decreased Defence/Increased Special Attack)
    Personality: Capable of taking hits (Increased Defence)
    Ability: Aftermath

    Stats - HP: 127 Attack: 57
    Defence: 34 Special Attack: 67
    Special Defence: 40 Speed: 54

    Moves: Gust, Astonish
    Payback, Stockpile

    Gible (Dragon/Ground)
    Nature: Sassy (Decreased Speed/Increased Special Defence)
    Personality: Very finicky (Increased Special Attack)
    Ability: Sand Veil

    Stats - HP: 60 Attack: 37
    Defence: 28 Special Attack: 27
    Special Defence: 27 Speed: 23

    Moves: Dragon Rage, Sandstorm
    Take Down, Earthquake
    Currently doing:


    * Kanto: 8/8 Badges + Champion Defeated (Completed)
    * Johto: 2/16 Badges