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Selene grunted as Trapinch dug underground and Dratini threw a Thunder Wave attack at Horsea - Horsea wasn't very good at moving on land, this could be diff...hold on! Blu needed to evade an attack too - could she kill two birds with one stone so to speak? She had no time to think it through, so she decided to go with it and deal with any repurcussions later.

"Blu!! Fly upwards and over the flame, grab Horsea and then fly upwards! Horsea, direct your Water Gun attack towards Charmeleon, make sure you don't get hit by any counters Blu! Ryan, use your Agility attack, don't let Trapinch hit you!" she instructed, watching as her plan unfolded.

Blu was luckily an amazingly agile flyer, so he followed her instructions before she'd even finished speaking. Dodging the flame attack, he sliced through the air towards Horsea and grabbed the Pokemon in his feet. Unfortunately, he was too slow to completely protect Horsea from Dratini's Thunder Wave, and the electricity sparked around Horsea's curved tail, making it even more difficult for the Pokemon to move to launch and avoid attacks. But with Blu flying around Charmeleon in circles and then up and over in a random pattern Horsea was able to throw a Water Gun attack at the fire Pokemon.

Sel cursed under her breath - it seemed as though Blu and Horsea were working as a tag team now...Horsea didn't seem to be able to shake off the paralysis, and until she did it seemed that Blu would be playing chauffer for the time being. This could work quite well if she played it right...

She watched carefully as Blu flew upwards into the sky - thankfully Horsea must not be heavy, as Blu's flying was not impeded. Ryan, meanwhile, was using his Agility and moving in a blur, weaving around the battlefield and generally making it difficult for Trapinch to locate where he was from underground - even Sel had difficulty locating him with her own eyes!
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