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Valorie looked up. One did not simply shake off paralysis, unless of course, you were Dratini! Dratini had become frustrated with the difficulty she was experiencing attacking. Her body began to abruptly turn a pale white before a vaguely dratini shaped shell dropped to the ground, sparkling with electricity. Dratini had shed her skin to rid herself of her paralysis!

"Alright, now use double team Dratini!"

Dratini then proceeded to split into two, one a mirror image of the other. It was already impossible to tell which was which by appearance. One of the two proceeded to give chase to Blu and Horsea, the other floating idly and watching.

Meanwhile, Charmeleon unleashed another dragon rage at Horsea. This time she fired it directly into the watergun coming at her. Dragon rage was horrifically powerful against weaker pokemon. Valorie had come to notice that it tended to effortlessly take out wild pokemon in one shot. Also, unlike regular flames, draconian flames were the exact opposite of weak against water. The result was that dragon rage easily plowed straight through the water gun. Not only that, but Charmeleon was using the stream of water, tracing it straight back to it's owner!

Valorie was becoming rather unimpressed with Charmeleon acting on her own. Sure, she wasn't necessarily doing badly, but Valorie still didn't like it.

Meanwhile, Trapinch was nowhere to be seen or found, remaining underground.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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