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Selene's initial joy turned to dismay as Ryan was hit with Thunder Wave...she was unsure how much damage it would have done to him seeing as he was using his Thunderbolt at the same time as he passed over Dratini...either way, it couldn't be particularly good for him.

It wasn't. He wasn't fully paralysed, but Sel could sense that he was finding it difficult to move as quickly as before from the frustration in his face - he looked as though he was trying to move through a particularly thick, muddy swamp. He was still speedy, don't get her wrong, compared to other pokemon he was still fast, but for Ryan this was torturous. He turned and glared straight at Dratini, countering with another Thunderbolt attack from right behind her where he had landed after being hit by Thunder Wave. Grimacing, Selene shook her head.

"Ryan I didn't tell you to do that! No matter how angry you are you need to listen to me bubsicle!" she shouted agitatedly, "Now use your Quick Attack on Dratini and get moving again - you may paralyse it again with your Static! After Pikachu has used the Quick Attack, Blu drop Horsea by the hole that Trapinch dug - Horsea use Water Gun into the hole and give it everything you've got! Blu, fly straight at Dratini and use your Ice Beam, don't get too close and be ready to fly upwards if she tries to hit you!"

She watched as Ryan charged towards Dratini as fast as he could - admittedly slower than usual, Dratini would probably evade the attack, Ryan was ready to keep running after the outcome, whatever that may be. But Blu was there with his Ice Beam, ready to strike in whatever direction Dratini moved, hovering close by. Meanwhile, Horsea had shot a powerful jet of water into the hold Trapinch had disappeared in, hoping to flush out the ground-type pokemon.
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