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    {What!} Blaze was more than surprised when he saw Snype rocketing towards him claws looking ready to strike Jack grinned "Mark's smarter than I thought" But Jack well and knew that there was no way to dodge the attack now "Brace yourself Blaze" Jack shouted although he knew it was futile, Blaze put his hands in front of his face and was scratched furiously by Snype and the situation was made worse, there was no way Blaze could have a good landing with Snype attacking him like that. {If im going down your coming with me} Blaze grabbed Snype close and gripped him in his arms almost like a hug as they fell to the ground. "Blaze you okay" Jack shouted unable to see anything due to a dust cloud created by the fall. Jack could only watch on and wait for the dust to clear and hope Blaze was alright.
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