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Horsea turned her head to face Trapinch as he shot out of the ground next to her, the Water still shooting in a jet out of her mouth - when Selene had instructed her to give it everything, she had really taken it to heart. Although her tail was paralysed, she could still move her chest and neck muscles to turn her face towards Trapinch, and the Ground Pokemon was so close, Sel didn't see how the attack couldn't blow Trapinch away. That was before Trapinch's strong jaws closed over Horsea's tail. Horsea cried out in pain, before her eyes glowed brightly and Selene recognised a Focus Energy attack. Frowning, she watched as Horsea wriggled in pain before shooting another Water Gun at Trapinch, this one even more powerful than before and Sel realised what Horsea had done. The Focus Energy had raised the critical hit ratio of her attacks, and combined with her Sniper ability, this meant the Water Gun was thrice as powerful.

Meanwhile, over in the air Dratini clones had surrounded Blu and Ryan in the air. Sel was stuck in a dilemma - Ryan couldn't use a Thunder attack for fear of hitting Blu, being a Flying type the power of Ryan's Thunderbolt would just take Blu out no questions asked. Luckily, Blu remembered Dratini's Double Team technique, so wasn't overly phased by it - he'd defeated this method once before and he could again. It was with this thought that he stared back cooly into the Dratini clone that was pushed right up in his beak, pecking forward at it so as to find whether it was a clone or not - the Peck would surely dissipate the clone somewhat.

"Okay Blu, let's separate!" shouted Selene, and in a flash Blu dropped Ryan. "Ryan, use your Thunderbolt attack on the Dratini, Blu, use your Ice Beam on the other Dratini, if the Dratini you just pecked didn't disappear. If it did, direct your Ice Beam onto the other one!" yes there were 4 Dratini, but there were 2 of Ryan and Blu. Selene watched proudly as Ryan fell through the air, launching ferocious Thunderbolts up at the two Dratini closest to him and Blu also followed her instructions.
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