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Snype's arm was grabbed onto after using fury swipes. After Blaze was hit by the fury of attacks, Blaze held Snype into a hug and sent him down to the ground with him. The impact caused a large dust cloud to form as he made impact onto the ground below.

"Snype! You still kicking over there?" Mark called out. He could see the glimmer in Snype's eyes in the distance. He wasn't about to get himself into another draw... not this time. Once the dust cloud cleared out, Snype was still in the Blaze's grip.

"Ugh... hey. Too... close buddy." Snype said as he used his Night shade to get out of Blaze's grip. He ment to use it during his double team assault but found this was just as good of an opportunity. Snype got up to his feet, hands on his Knees.

"Hang in there Snype..." Mark said quietly to himself.

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