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    "Hm" Jack smirked both pokemon emerged from the dust alright and ready for battle, as alright as they could be after that fall at least. Blaze was then hit in the face by a night shade attack but that didn't faze him too much. Blaze was panting heavily and it was obvious that Snype was tired as well prompting Jack's next decision of returning Blaze to his pokeball "Take a rest buddy" Jack place the pokeball unto his belt and began thinking about his next pokemon would be Shadow cant even attack Snype so he's out, Rocky is too big for the forest so he's out too Jack was plying out everything in his head every outcome "How about you Blade?" Jack asked knowing Blade could rub the florr with Snype if he had a chance. {No thanks} Quick and simple Blade shot him down returning his gaze to the forest. "Ok" Jack had made up his mind " Go Giga!" Jack had released his Druddigon.
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