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"WHAT?" shouted Sel, her face falling into a deep frown. "NO. GET DRATINI BACK OUT THERE," she pulled out Horsea and Blu's pokeballs, returning them with jolts of red light. "One on one now, Your strongest versus my strongest. Come on Valorie, you're not giving up on this, not now!" This was shocking - it just wasn't like Valorie to give in like was worrying, was Sel going too hard? Perhaps she needed to tone it down a bit, not get so carried away.

"Come on Val, just Dratini versus Ryan...let's finish this," she urged more gently this time, an almost pleading look in her eyes, she genuinely wanted to finish this. Ryan needed more experience, he was shattered and still paralyzed but the experience would do him well. She needed to keep him battling.
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