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    Pokemon Sol Platinum (Version 2)
    Pokemon Neo SoulSilver (Version 3)
    Pokemon Yin Black/Pokemon Yang White (Version 3)
    Pokemon Yin Black 2/Pokemon Yang White 2 (Version 1)

    Lastest Thread update to: Pokemon Yin Black 2/Pokemon Yang White 2

    I included the info for all games.

    Here's the links for each games:

    Pokemon Sol Platinum:
    Pokemon Neo SoulSilver:
    Pokemon Yin Black/Yang White:
    Pokkemon Yin Black 2/Yang White 2:

    These patches are Gui Type...Meaning, you'll need to have Microsoft .Net Framework install in your computer to patch with a xdelta patcher.
    Here's the link:

    Okay, so this the first of my mod collection.

    Pokemon Sol Platinum


    Alright, I'm here today releasing my hack of the platinum version; Pokemon Sol Platinum, on an account that I'm using Heartgold and 'SOUL' Silver sprites in my game.

    In this installment, I've included, yes you know, inserted sprites from HGSS, and changed some of the other Pokemon sprites. If see that any new sprite look weird or seem to be standing over their shadow, please inform me. I've already tried correcting as many of them as possible...

    ...Also, I've slightly beefed up the elite four and champ level. I also, finally finished editing all the Pokemon center challenges and wild Pokemon that appears in the water.

    The Pokemon in this hack learns slightly different moves than from the original game. Like for example: the Gible evolution line can learn Magnitude and stuff. I also changed just a few Pokemon's Abilities! Like Dragonite having Magic Guard and Umbreon having Pressure.

    I did try my best in editing very trainers you encounter in-game! This includes the trainers on stark mountain, ya know the battle frontier part and pokemon center battles, if I haven't said that before. What I didn't decide to do was edited the trainers that get significantly stronger through vs. seeker rematches\which I renamed on the game...So don't bother facing trainers that you KNOW get stronger, when using the Fight Beeper...

    Since, I actually didn't know how to add any new event...yet...I had no choice, but to place the non-native legendary Pokemon in random throughout the sinnoh region. You can find them in the following places: Sendoff Spring, Snowpoint Temple, Stark Mountain (Outside and within the cavern) Turnback Cave and the Route 230, 226, 229, 227, 225, and 224! I'm not tellin' which legend appears there you just have to find out by hangin' around their; legendary pokemon only become available after you defeat the game the first time.

    But you do get the National Dex at the beginning of the game, so that pretty much scratch everything off…Whatever.
    Also, I HAVE NO IDEA, I mean none whatsoever, if this patch will work on any flashcarts or card...thingys. I never used those types of program...exe. things. I strongly recommend you playing this on an emulator, until I figure out how to fix this.

    I've edited some more pokemon front sprite. This includes; Vileplume, Lapras, Quilava, Totodile. I redid Farafetch'D Meganium and probably more...I dunno there's so many of'em now. I tried fixing Dragonite, cuz it looked like it was floatin' in the air, but the HGSS sprite is too small. I also changed Miltank and reversal Venasaur's sprite. Okay, I've also gotten around in changing just a few back sprites; nothing too significant; Cyndaquil, Espeon and Mareep.

    I also was finally able to increase the trainers AI value this time around. The trainers get much stronger and smarter as you progress in the game. Their pokemon seemed to be ev and iv trained. Also, the seals, when facing some trainers, have been removed from their pokemon.
    Example; you know how Flint and Volkner Electavire and Magmortar come out with seals, well since I've increased there AI the seal animation have been removed.

    I do hope you all enjoy, if you find any problems, please report it to me.
    Wild starter Pokemon are available too, but they appear in random spots.

    Here are there locations. If you're interested.


    Charmander and Cyndaquil are always found in the same spot; Cyndaquil only appears in the daytime and Charmander appears at night. Here is where you can find them: Fuego Ironworks and Route 215 (I recommend catching them here, cuz they're levels will be higher when finding them in Fuego Ironworks.

    Chikorita (Day) and Turtwig (Night) can both be found on Route 208. Chikorita can also be found on Route 210.

    Treecko (Night) and Bulbasaur (Day) can always be found in the same area. They both appear on Route 206. You can also catch them in the Great Marsh. Mudkip can only be found in the Great Marsh as well...

    Piplup can be obtained in two area. Route 205 (Night time only and only before the Eterna Forest walk with Chelr...The woman with the Chansey) And again in Route 213 (Day time only)

    Chimchar and Torchic can be found in Oreburgh Gate. Chimchar on the first floor and Torchic on the second...

    Totodile and Squirtle can be found wherever you can find a body of water, just bring out your fishing rod (Good Rod) for Totodile and surf around for Squirtle.

    If you don't know how to make your trade-evolution Pokemon evolve, just jet down below and the evolution walkthrough I put together. Once again, if you interested in looking.


    Poliwhirl evolves into Poliwrath by being exposed to the Water Stone. (Some wild water type might hold water stones) It evolves into Politoed by holding the Splash Plate and leveling up in sun light.

    Kadabra evolves into Alakazam by holding the Mind Plate and leveling up in sun light.

    Machoke evolves into Machamp by holding the Fist Plate and leveling up in sun light. (If you don't know what this means, it means; Daytime)

    Graveler evolves into Golem by holding the Earth Plate and leveling up in sun light. (Daytime)

    Haunter evolves into Gengar by holding the Spooky Plate and leveling up in moon light. (Nightime)

    Slowpoke still evolves into Slowbro at Lv 37, but evolves into Slowking by exposing it to the Water Stone.

    Onix evolves into Steelix by leveling up inside Mt. Coronet, if was possible to do this inside Iron Island, trust me...It would be there instead of here.

    Second verse, same as the first, Rhydon also evolves into Rhyperior by walking around and leveling up inside Mt. Coronet, and my opinion about the Iron Island thing remain the same.

    Seadra evolves into Kingdra by exposing it to the luring effects of the Water Stone.

    Scyther evolves into Scizor at Lv 42.

    Electabuzz evolves into Electivire by exposing it to the Thunder Stone.

    Magmar evolutionary condition is also similar to that of Electabuzz, just use the friggen Fire Stone on it, then presto, you have Magmortar.

    Don't worry all of Eevee evolutionary conditions are still the same, so no sweating when catching one in Eterna Forest.

    Porygon evolves into Porygon2 by successfully reaching Lv 38 and evolves into Porygon-Z by using the Dawn Stone on it.

    Now, going straight to the Hoenn section, Kirla evolves into Gallade and Gardevior with two different conditions.

    When a male Kirla reaches Lv 30 it will evolve into Gallade and when a female Kirla reaches Lv 30 it will respectively evolves into Gallade's counterpart, Gardevior...It's just that simple, there shouldn't be a Gardevior with nads walking around, that just WEIRD, so that why I changed it this way.

    Trapinch evolves into Vibrava at Lv 28 and into Flygon at Lv 40. I did that because Flygon is one of my favorite Pokemon.

    On a strange twist of faith, Feebas evolves by showing it the Dawn Stone and awakening the poor thing inner beauty...or some crap like that.

    Dusclops evolves into Dusknoir by exposing it to the Dusk Stone. Get it, Dusknoir...Dusk Stone...Alright, not funny.

    Okay...Moving on...Snorunt still evolves the same way so don't catch a female Snorunt, level it up to 40 and expect it to evolve into
    Froslass...Because it won't, it'll just turn into Glalie.

    Clamperl, it evolves into both Huntail and Gorebyess, by respectively exposing them to either the sun or moon stone.

    Now, let's foray straight to the Sinnoh Section, which won't be very long...Really.

    Budew evolves into Roselia at Lv 15, something the original programmers should of done.

    Ya know, I wasn't really never that fund of the friendship evolve thing, so I decided to make Chingling evolve into Chimecho with a moon stone.

    Buneary evolves into Lopunny at Lv 30.

    Munchlax evolves into Snorlax, once reaching the Lv 30 mark.

    Riolu evolves into Lucario on Lv 30, as well.

    Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Azurill, Espeon, Umbreon Golbat and Togepi, all still evolve by friendship evolution.

    Last and finally not least, I would like to thank my little bro for beta testing for me.

    If you're searching for any specific type of Pokemon, please tell and I will tell you their locations. Also, I stay tune, I'll be doing a walkthrough of what to expect in Sol Platinum...Basically the level of the pokemon of all the important battles.


    Lv 14: Larvitar (Oran Berry) Lv 15: Craindos (Oran Berry) Lv 16: Sudowoodo (Sitrus Berry) If that not a lame team, I don't what is...I'm kidding, but with all his pokemon with the ablitiy to use Rock Polish, he does get kinda annoying.

    Lv 21: Nuzleaf (Coba Berry) Lv 23: Bellossom (Sitrus Berry) Lv 24: Leafeon (Occa Berry)

    Lv 28: Duskull (Colbur Berry) Lv 30: ???? (Colbur Berry) Lv 30: Sableye (Salac Berry) Lv 31: Mismagius (Leftovers) Sorry, I couldn't disclose the identity of her second pokemon, I'm afraid it classifed, you just have to find out on your own.

    Lv 36: Breloom (Coba Berry) Lv 35: Medicham (Muscle Band) Lv 37: Kangaskan (Muscle Band) Lv 38: Lucario (Focus Sash) Why Kangaskan, you ask? Well, that's because it part fighting type on this game. LOL

    Crasher Wake...Mucha Lucha
    Lv 41: Sharpedo (Focus Sash) Lv 42: Lumineon (Leftovers) Lv 42: Floatzel (Focus Sash) Lv 43: Kingdra (Leftovers) Hey, didn't noticed that all his Pokemon held the same, I guess...

    Bryon, The father of Roark
    Lv 50: Skarmory (Wacan Berry) Lv 51 Scizor, My favs (Occa Berry) Lv 51: Bastidon (Chople Berry) Lv51 Magenzone (Expert Belt) Lv 52: Empoleon (Wacan Berry) Damn, shoulda put his Empoleon on lv 53 and Magenzone on 52, all his pokemon levels are too close. LOL

    Lv 57: Abomasnow (Occa Berry) Lv 58: Glaceon (Expert Belt) Lv 58: Jynx (Focus Sash) Lv 59: Froslass (Leftovers) Lv 57: Cloyster (Focus Sash)

    Volkner, Alright as the strongest gym leader of Sinnoh, I had to give him six Pokemon, here check'em!
    Lv 68: Jolteon (BrightPowder) Lv 68: Raichu (Expert Belt) Lv 67: Luxray (Razor Claw) Lv 69: Electivire (Leftovers) Lv 67: Manetric (White Herb) Lv 68: Lanturn (Leftovers)

    Here's a quick walkthrough; featuring the Elite Four; this time I'm only revealing their pokemon and not the items they hold. Behold. Just so you know, all Elite Four members uses six pokemon.

    Aaron (Eh, the first one and still easier as crap)
    Lv 69: Wormadam (Sand)
    Lv 70: Heracross
    Lv 71: Kabutops
    Lv 70: Masquerain
    Lv 70: Armaldo
    Lv 69: Parasect

    Bertha (The hardest of'em all so far during my beta testing. Seriously, she wipe my different teams clean, and on more than one occasion)
    Lv 70: Camerupt (Not camerupt, she was easy to takedown, it's her others)
    Lv 72: Gliscor
    Lv 71: Gastrodon
    Lv 71: Mamoswine
    Lv 73: Rhyperior
    Lv 72: Swampert

    Yes, you would think with two Ground/water types she'll be a cakewalk, but I learnt that the hard the way...It's not that easy.

    Flint (He's kinda hard, almost all his pokemon have high base speed; except for Flareon and Torkoal)
    Lv 73: Torkoal
    Lv 74: Flareon
    Lv 73: Houndoom
    Lv 74: Infernape
    Lv 76: Magmortar
    Lv 75: Typhlosion

    Kinda Kool that I gave him two starter fire, right? Infernape might be strong...attack wise, but can easily be taken down with a powerful attack...It's just that it's so friggen fast. Anyways, moving on.

    Lucian (He's a Psychic Elite Four Trainer...Uh, member)
    Lv 75: Chimecho
    Lv 77: Espeon
    Lv 76: Gorebyss (Yea, Gorebyss is part psychic on this hack. And it's lookin MAD!!!!)
    Lv 75: Xatu
    Lv 77: Metagross
    Lv 78: Gallade

    And now for the Sinnoh Champ; it's still Cynthia on this game, sorry...Here's her Pokemon
    Lv 78: Spiritomb (Classic, I just couldn't replace that, right)
    Lv 80: Meganium (Don't ask, plz)
    Lv 79: Togekiss
    Lv 79: Solrock
    Lv 80: Umbreon (Umbreon fits her than all her pokemon combine. I mean, Umbreon and Cynthia basely wear the same color; black and yellow. I would of been stupid not to give her one)
    Lv 81: Garchomp (Yep, gonna keep it in perpective)

    Here a couple of screenshot from my game, you've probably already seem them before, you probably haven't. Anyways, enjoy them, okay?



    If playin' on a no$gba emulator, to best view the sprites, put your game's 3d renderer on opengl, once in a trainer battle, and put it back in nocash once leaving one. Open makes the game run slow in the openworld.

    The programs I used to make this hack/mod possible.
    EEDP (Evolution Editor)
    PMEDS ( Moveset Editor)
    WPEDS (Wild Pokemon Editor)
    PDEDS (Pokemon Data Editor)
    PPTE (Project Pokemon's Trainer Editor)
    HTPE (Honey Tree Editor)
    Attack Editor DS
    SGPE (Safari Game Editor)
    PokeDSPic 'Platinum' (In-Game Pokemon Sprite Editor)
    Paint (For recoloring some of the HGSS sprites)
    PPRE 10
    Tile Molester 0.16
    No$gba 2.6a

    And for all my friends, here's a vid of me facing Cyrus with the new AI junk...


    Just for the record, this a old video I upload along time ago, I was gonna deleted by why not show you all my mod work...Sho-yo!

    Next up is Pokemon Neo Soulsilver


    Alright enough with the small talk, time to get straight to the point. Today we're here to discuss the release of my first version of HGSS mod...Just read what the logo says

    Da Rom's Intel
    Game which was used to edited: Pokémon SoulSilver (U)
    Language: Only current one right now is English
    Available Versions: Version 3
    When the Version Stops: Actually you can play the mod full through.
    Mod's Current Progress: I'll say at least 97-99 percent of everything have been edited...with the exception of rematches (trainers) and surfing/fishing in caves areas. and morning encounters. You'll find out more by reading below!

    A Few words: Now just so you know, the patch file is Gui type and you're gonna have to patch the Ruldolph Patch first, before ACTUALLY patching the game. That's the only you can play this without any crashes.
    For all of those who want to play with the National Dex at the beginning of the game; I'll suggest downloading PokeGen and activating your Pokedex through your save file. It works, I test it.

    Now, to tell you all what's features included in this mod...For all those who are curious.

    First, I suppose I should explain what difference I did from the original game. First of all, I've add slightly new dialogue, basically only menu stuff and things the Poke Mart Clerks and Nurse Joy says.

    I've also changed some of thing said during Pokemon Battle; if you saw my vid, you've already seen some of the stuff I did.

    I also changed some of the HGSS Pokemon sprite. Mostly, I just switched their stationary sprite with their moving sprite, but they're still good nonetheless.

    I've also customized a few Hoenn Sprites (Spoink, Taillow, Numel, etc. There's just few in screenies down below), I think I did a good on them...If I say so myself, but I suppose it's up to you all to judge me.

    Now, for the changes I did to the Pokemon. In this mod, you'll noticed that the Pokemon's stats has been slightly alter.

    Here, I give all a couple of example: Mareep base speed now 60, but once it evolves into Ampharos, it speed will drop below 60, but its Sp.Defense and Sp. Attack will soar.

    Some Pokemon will have Special Abilities that they wouldn't usually have. Example: Phanpy with Huge Power, Chingling with Magic Guard and Spearow with Anger Point or Gible with Inner Focus.

    Some Pokemon will learn different attacks that don't usually learn on the real game. Like, Flaaffy with Swift, or like Mawile, who levels up learning all three elemental Fangs.

    There's a few more, like Wartortle, who learns Ice Fang when first evolving and Kirla who learns Psybeam when first evolving.

    Some Pokemon learn, I would say, a whole new moveset pool. Here's a few: Delibird, who NOW actually worth training, on an account it learns some pretty decent attacks...And it's Special stat isn't all that bad, if you get my drift.

    Tyrouge, now his own set of attacks (Even though, it's still weak as hell), and it even evolves a new way, but we'll get into that later...Volbeat, Milotic are a few more.

    I've even made my own new attack...even though it's just a replacement of an old attack (Razor Wind to be exact) I renamed the attack Malestrom; it's a Flying Type attack that take two turns (hence Razor Wind) deals 100 damage and has high ratio for 'CRITICAL HIT'! I'll just tell you one of the Pokemon that actually learns Malestrom-Xatu...But remember its not the only one that does.

    Here's a couple of things that were added in Pokemon Neo SoulSilver
    Some Pokemon attack moves strength have been increase to match the move strength off Pokemon Black & White. Example: On the HGSS Petal Dance usually takes 90 damage, but on Black & White its takes 120 damage...So, that's how much it takes on this mod. Except Tackle, it still takes 35.

    Also, I increased attacks that I thought was just too weak; Mega Drain now take 55 and Absorb now takes 40. Leech Life takes 30, Poison Sting, as well.

    Now, when getting hit by Hyper Voice, there's a chance your Sp. Defense might fall and Vicegrip; when getting hit by that, there's a chance your defense might fall.

    Needle Arm takes 80 and Poison Tail take 75. Attacks like Lock-On and Mind Reader are repectively Steel and Psychic Type moves. Spike Cannon is now a Steel Type attack.

    I think there's more, but I can't remember.

    Also, I edited a few in-game dialogue, mostly the junk at the beginning and Silver's first battle. I say the new dialogue goes until you reach Violet City and I think Silver's dialogue in Bellsprout Tower is different, as well.

    Also, in this mod, I added a couple of Black and White sprites.
    Mainly Hoenn Region Sprites, with a few customized sprite; such as my Lombre sprite, you just go to check it out, it's awesome.

    Also, Gym Leader, Elite Four and Lance, all of their rematches has been edited and should be able to put up a decent fight against your Pokemon.

    I also finished editing Bell Tower and Mt. Silver...I dare ya to go inside Mt. Silver the Pokemon levels in there, deep in, is insanely high...I'm talking Lv 80+

    Now for wild Pokemon differences

    Well, obviously all Pokemon are available, even the non-regional starter Pokemon!

    All the Water-Type Pokemon that appear in the sea and during fishing (Good Rod, only) are all available. (Johto Only)

    Unfortunately, I didn't edited the Water-Types that dwell inside cave area, there's just a hand-full currently, and NO I'm not going to disclose which caves you can find'em!

    Every Pokemon that appears in grassy area have been completely edited in the wild, it goes without saying that this rule applies to both Kanto and Johto Region!

    Except for Route 48, everytime I'll pull it up on PPRE nothing would ever be displayed there.

    Every cave area have been edited in the Johto Region, this includes Bell Tower.

    Every cave part of the Kanto Region cave has be edited, this includes Mt. Silver (Outside and Inside) And trust me when I say that cave's really a pain in the ass, when editing it. It's just so painstakingly long, so many floor in that dungeon.

    Here's a little info, if you want to find Heart Scales, catch wild Eevee. They live around route 36 (day, only), don't forget to collect them.

    There's a whole lot of Pokemon that have Heart Scales moves on this mod; Mamoswine, Arbok, all the starters except for Meganuim, and all the Eevee evolution stages.

    Another mentioning I forgot was, I didn't edited the wild pokemon that appear in the morning; well, I gonna say up to route 36. Pokemon that appears during day and night has been completely.

    Now moving on to Battle situations:Johto Gym Leader Walkthrough/Kanto Gym Leader Walkthrough

    I've edited majority of all the trainer's battle on this mod; Gym Leaders Elite Four, and Champ-Lance (Who's, hard as crap now, trust me) Field-Trainers, Rival (Silver)

    It goes without saying that I've includes both Kanto and Johto Regions. (Wait, I just said it, didn't I)

    In this mod, all the trainers, gym leaders (Kanto and Johto) Elite Four Members and Lance in this game AI value have been increased...From weakest, like when you're first leaving home, to crazily, super computer smart.

    Basically what I'm saying is every trainer in Kanto Region is like this. (Except for the Team Rocket grunt you fight in the kanto region, he's dumb...Team Rocket, period, is just straight up dumb)

    Now for a small and short Gym Leader Walkthrough
    If you don't want to see what I've got here, you don't have to worry about...That's why we the spoiler button for. Check it out


    Pokemon Neo SoulSilver

    Johto Gym Leader's Synopsis

    Kanto Gym Leader's Synopsis

    Johto Pokemon League's Synopsis

    Violet City's Gym Leader

    Lv 12: HootHoot Lv 12: Wingull Lv 14: Staraiva
    I've already heard a few complaints about why I took Pidgeotto from Falkner. Well, that because I wanted him with something that could actually put up a fight against the starter...and let's face it...Pidegotto is weaker than Staravia. But no worries, he'll be getting Pidegot in the rematches...once I've edited them.

    Azalea Town's Gym Leader

    Lv 19: Yanma Lv 17: Surskit Lv 21: Mothim
    I know, I know! I took away his signature Pokemon. If make you feel better, he gets Scizor in his rematch (Which I haven't edited yet)

    Goldenrod City's Gym Leader

    Lv 22: Buneary Lv 25: Miltank Lv 23: Aipom
    Yay, this time I kept the signature Pokemon. It's like that from here on out! And Miltank's still a nightmare.

    Ercuteak City's Gym Leader

    Lv 31: Haunter Lv 32: Misdreavus Lv 33: Drifblim Lv 34: Gengar
    One of the hardest battles I had during the beta testing! All of his Pokemon, nightmares.

    Cianwood City's Gym Leader

    Lv 37: Farfetch'D (Part Fighting) Lv 39: Poliwrath Lv 38: Pinsir (Also part fighting) Lv 40: Hariyama
    Strangely enough, Hariyama wass his hardest Pokemon to take down. The rest? Wimps!

    Mohogany Town's Gym Leader

    Lv 42: Glaile Lv 41: Dewgong Lv 43: Lapras Lv 44: Mamoswine
    Mamoswine is almost like his signature Pokemon...It evolves from Piloswine.

    Olivine City's Gym Leader

    Lv 43: Magneton Lv 42: Mawile Lv 44: Steelix Lv 45: Bronzong
    Eh, not might be here strongest Pokemon, but she still has it, right?

    Blackthorn City's Gym Leader

    Lv 50: Dragonair Lv 51: Milotic Lv 52: Flygon Lv 52: Altaria Lv 53: Kingdra
    Hey, no comment on this. It's Perfect.

    Okay everybody, keep in mind that way I have the Gym Leaders ordered are the way I recommend you face them in, otherwise, you will be gettin' yer ass handed to.

    Also, each Kanto Gym Leader have six, uh, Pokemon, with attacks that covers their weakness.

    Also, every Kanto Gym Leader is on a higher than the Elite Four, this including Lance, Pokemon. Which I haven't posted yet.

    Vermilion City's Gym Leader

    Lt. Surge
    Lv: 65 Raichu Lv 63: Electrode Lv 66: Magenzone Lv 64: Manectric Lv 62: Electabuzz Lv 65: Ampharos
    Not bad, right? Remember what I said earlier, fight them in this order. I only said fight him first, cuz he's the first gym you'll see once gettin' off the boat, plus he's not all that hard to beat. He's actually the 2nd weakest Kanto Gym Leader, you'll see the first as we carry on...

    Fuchsia City's Gym Leader

    Lv: 61 Gligar Lv: 63: Weezing Lv 64: Crobat Lv 65: Roserade Lv 64: Venomoth Lv 62: Swalot
    Hmmm...Gligar isn't really a poison type on this game, but it can learn Poison Fang on this hack, and even a couple more Poison-Type attack. Mostly, the really why I gave it to her was Gligar's body sorta remind of those hang glinder things ninjas use to fly on.

    Cerulean City's Gym Leader

    Lv 68: Azumarill Lv 67: Corsola Lv 69: Relicanth Lv 69: Starmie Lv 68: Mantine Lv 70: Vaporeon
    Well, there's Misty team...Yeah, I know it's weird I gave her a Relicanth, but I wanted to give her a water-type with a lot of attack-power that isn't swampert or feraligatr...or Floatzel!

    Pewter City's Gym Leader

    Lv 69: Armaldo Lv69: Cradily Lv 70: Omastar Lv 71: Aerodactyl Lv 70: Kabutops Lv 68: Sudowoodo
    Well, Brock's team consist of nothing, but fossil Pokemon, with the exception of Sudowoodo...I would of gave him Rampardos and Bastiodon, but you can only carry six on you.

    Celadon City's Gym Leader

    Lv 72: Jumpluff Lv 71: Cherrim Lv 72: Tangrowth Lv 74: Bellossom Lv 73: Leafeon Lv 71: Sunflora
    Eh, I really can't think of anything to say about this team, it's just a team of cute Grass-Type Pokemon; see, that her gimmick here.
    Saffron City's Gym Leader

    Lv 75: Claydol Lv 76: Metagross Lv 76: Alakazam Lv 77: Gallade Lv 76: Espeon Lv 76: Porygon-Z (Part Psychic-Type)
    Now, this is a VERY hard battle, as Alakazam will use Barrier and Calm Mind combat and then blast you with Psychic...She DOES THIS EVERYTIME! I lost to her about 5 Pokemon were around level 65 or so when I first came, but I did eventually defeated her...without training; just had do a new stragedy involving my Furret's Yawn!

    Seaform Cavern's Gym Leader

    Lv 77: Magmar Lv 80: Flareon Lv 79: Rapidash Lv 81: Magmortar Lv 79: Ninetails Lv 78: Magcargo
    This wasn't a hard battle, just don't let Magmar get Sunny Day off at the beginning. One reason, because it's holding Heat Rock, which make Sunny Day stay out for a long while and two, because every Pokemon on his team has Solarbeam...except for Magmortar, how has something WAY more horrible and I'm not talking Thunderbolt either, also, it's holding Expert Belt.

    Viridian City's Gym Leader

    Lv 82: Pidgeot Lv 82: Arcanine Lv 83: Rhyperior Lv 85: Blastoise Lv 83: Umbreon Lv 84: Electivire
    Obviously, this team is based of the anime. Arcanine, Blastoise, Electivire and Umbreon from the anime! Rhyperior from the manga (Based off what I know from) and I guess, Pidegot, cuz I like Pidegot! I have to admit, he isn't very hard...not in the least bit. His goons on the other hand are on different level (Lower than him, but you get me) they're harder, I don't know why, but they are.

    Now, finally moving on to the Elite Four and Champion portion of this walkthrough. Today, I'll be revealing their Pokemon and what exact item their Pokemon hold, you give you that slight edge.

    Keep in mind, every member of the Elite Four has the traditional of 5 Pokemon on their team, with the exception of Lance. All their Pokemon have attacks they can use to protect them from Pokemon strong against them. Okay, enough with talking, how about move on to the first member, Will, and see what Pokemon he uses.

    Elite Four Match 1: User of Psychic Types

    Lv 53: Xatu (Wacan Berry) Lv 54: Lunatone (Wise Glasses) Lv 54: Solrock (Muscle Band) Lv 55: Gardevoir (Expert Belt) Lv 56: Slowking (Leftovers)
    Not bad, right? Lunatone and Solrock both hold attack-boost items in which most their offensive stat excels in. Hmm...that's pretty all that I can think of to say. Oh, you know how Will's character is that of a magician, well Gardevoir serves as his beautiful assistance...that why I gave him one..get it...well, moving on...

    Elite Four Match 2: User of Poison Types

    Lv 55: Tentacruel (Leftovers) Lv 57: Toxicroak (Payapa Berry) Lv 56: Seviper (Scope Lens) Lv 57: Muk (Black Sludge) Lv 58: Venusaur (Lum Berry)
    A quite diverse team, if I say so myself...Though, I'm still not really sure why I gave him a Tentacruel...I know it's part Poison Type...But doesn't really feel like a Poison Type and it certainly doesn't feel very ninjay...To be honest neither does Muk, but actually feel like a Poison Type...Whatever, moving on.

    Elite Four Match 3: User of Fighting Types

    Lv 57: Hitmontop (Muscle Band) Lv 57: Floatzel (Focus Sash) Lv 57: Breloom (Coba Berry) Lv 59: Machamp (Leftovers) Lv 60: Lucario (Focus Sash)
    Yeah, I know what you're saying 'Why the hell is Floatzel there?' Well, first of all, on this mod, when Buizel evolves into Floatzel it become part Fighting Type; Just so you know, Buizel is still pure Water-Type. Floatzel always felt like a Fighting Type to me...And I'm not saying that cuz it can learn attacks such as: Bulk Up, Focus Blast, Focus Punch, and Brick Break. Nope, that's not the reason at all...Honest. As for his team...Well, Machamp still has No Guard...Apparently...

    Elite Four Match 4: User of Dark Types

    Lv 60: Huntail (Quick Claw) Lv 61: Umbreon (Leftovers) Lv 62: Houndoom (Power Herb) Lv 61: Honchkrow (Razor Claw) Lv 60: Skuntank (Wise Glasses)
    Yeah, yeah...The reason Huntail's there is because it part Dark-Type on here. Interestingly enough, her hardest Pokemon isn't really Houndoom, it's actually Skuntank. You see, her Skuntank has the ability to use Nasty Plot and trust me when I say she uses it to her advantage. While holding Wise Glasses and using Nasty Plot once, she can usually knock out your Pokemon with one attack; well, that what she did to me why I was testing the game out.

    Now moving on to the champion on the game.
    Johto League Champion: User of Dragon 'Like' Pokemon

    Lv 61: Gyarados (Wacan Berry)
    Lv 62: Aggron (Focus Sash)
    Lv 62: Tyranitar (Chople Berry)
    Lv 63: Salamence (Yache Berry)
    Lv 63: Charizard (Petaya Berry)
    Lv 64: Dragonite (Enigma Berry)
    I found this team to be very hard...seriously. it took some serious strategizing to beat this team. First of all, Gyarados pretty much kills your electric type, cuz it survives an electric type attack from a electric type pokemon and then turns around a kills it with earthquake. Aggron and Tyranitar are pretty much easy, but Charizard and Salamence's just straight up hard. Charizard has an attack that can get rid of Tyranitar's Sand Stream and Salamence just straight [censored] you with Outrage and NEVER hits itself with confusion...Eh, Dragonite's just in between, it's neither hard or's just...there.

    Important Words

    Everytime you encountered a Gym Leader on this mod; or for that matter, any important battles, their Pokemon AI will have been increased. Like for example: when facing Falkner his highest Leveled Pokemon; which already know is Staravia, AI has been cranked to around 150. Or like when facing, Team Rocket Admin: Archer, his strongest Pokemon, Aggron, AI would had been increased to around 250 or such.

    Also, I tried integrating some WIFI like items, such as stragedy items (not Battle Scarfs...I don't think the computer's AI smart enough to use them correctly, I've got to look into them) in important battles; ya know against Team Rocket admin or fights against Gym Leaders.

    Also, when fighting gym leaders, member of the elite four and even team rocket admins, some of there Pokemon sometime uses Type-weakening berries, with the exception Falkner, his Pokemon only hold Oran Berries and Sitrus Berry.

    Gym Leader, Elite Four and Champion rematches has completely edited and should be on this version.

    This concludes my complete Johto League battle walkthrough...

    I decided to put Silver's battle walkthrough on a seperate section then the Gym Leader section. Okay, please jot down...Oh, my bad you're gonna have to click the spoiler button to acess the walkthrough.


    Rival Battle Walkthrough

    Battle 1

    Lv 6: Chikorita

    Battle 2

    Lv 16: Buizel

    Lv 17: Murkrow

    Lv 19: Bayleef

    Battle 3

    Lv 25: Gible

    Lv 27: Floatzel

    Lv 26: Murkrow

    Lv 28: Bayleef

    Battle 4

    Lv 41: Murkrow

    Lv 43: Gabite

    Lv 43: Floatzel

    Lv 42: Sneasel

    Lv 44: Meganium

    Battle 5

    Lv 53: Manectric

    Lv 54: Honchkrow

    Lv 54: Garchomp

    Lv 53: Floatzel

    Lv 53: Weavile

    Lv 55: Meganium

    Battle 6

    Lv 67: Manectric

    Lv 68: Honchkrow

    Lv 69: Garchomp

    Lv 68: Floatzel

    Lv 69: Weavile

    Lv 70: Meganium

    Battle 7

    Lv 86: Manectric

    Lv 87: Honchkrow

    Lv 86: Floatzel

    Lv 87: Garchomp

    Lv 87: Weavile

    Lv 88: Meganium

    Battle 1

    Lv 6: Cyndaquil

    Battle 2

    Lv 16: Shinx

    Lv 17: Murkrow

    Lv 19: Quilava

    Battle 3

    Lv 25: Stunky

    Lv 27: Luxio

    Lv 26: Murkrow

    Lv 28: Quilava

    Battle 4

    Lv 41: Murkrow

    Lv 43: Skuntank

    Lv 43: Luxray

    Lv 42: Sneasel

    Lv 44: Typhlosion

    Battle 5

    Lv 53: Ursaring

    Lv 54: Skuntank

    Lv 53: Luxray

    Lv 53: Weavile

    Lv 54: Honchkrow

    Lv 55: Typhlosion

    Battle 6

    Lv 67: Ursaring

    Lv 69: Honchkrow

    Lv 68: Luxray

    Lv 69: Weavile

    Lv 68: Skuntank

    Lv 70: Typhlosion

    Battle 7

    Lv 86: Ursaring

    Lv 87: Honchkrow

    Lv 86: Luxray

    Lv 87: Skuntank

    Lv 87: Weavile

    Lv 88: Typhlosion

    Battle 1

    Lv 6: Totodile

    Battle 2

    Lv 16: Houndour

    Lv 17: Murkrow

    Lv 19: Croconaw

    Battle 3

    Lv 25: Shuppet

    Lv 27: Houndoom

    Lv 26: Murkrow

    Lv 28: Croconaw

    Battle 4

    Lv 41: Murkrow

    Lv 43: Banette

    Lv 43: Houndoom

    Lv 42: Sneasel

    Lv 44: Feraligatr

    Battle 5

    Lv 53: Marowak

    Lv 54: Honchkrow

    Lv 53: Banette

    Lv 54: Houndoom

    Lv 53: Weavile

    Lv 55: Feraligatr

    Battle 6

    Lv 67: Marowak

    Lv 68: Honchkrow

    Lv 69: Houndoom

    Lv 68: Banette

    Lv 69: Weavile

    Lv 70: Feraligatr

    Battle 7

    Lv 86: Marowak

    Lv 87: Honchkrow

    Lv 87: Weavile

    Lv 87: Houndoom

    Lv 86: Banette

    Lv 88: Feraligatr

    Closing words

    As you already know; by the reading the walkthrough above, Silver will always have Murkrow and Sneasel, no matter what starter you chooses at the beginning.

    Also, everytime you engage in battle with silver his computer AI will be higher than any other computer control trainer (regular trainer's AI have been increased as well)...With the exception of gym leaders of course; Gym Leaders' AI will always remain higher than Silver's

    Things you should probably know

    By the time you make it to battle number 5, all the Pokemon on his team should be holding wifi like items: like Expert Belt or Focus Sash.

    Battle 6; ya know, the battle that take place inside Mt. Moon, your Pokemon level should be at least around Lv 64 or Lv 63 that what level I was on when I fought him. Hmm...See how much he gotten stronger?

    Basically every trainer in the Kanto Region Pokemon's level around is like this.

    And Finally, Battle Number 7. As you already know, this is the last time he gets stronger...It takes place by entrance point of the PKMN LEAGUE! By this time, all of Silver's Pokemon AI is maxed out and should prove to be a worthy opponent.

    Here's the Pokemon Evolution summary. Once again, if don't want to see it, don't click the spoiler button.


    Pokemon Neo SoulSilver

    Da Evolution Solution

    I've added a few more evolution I got to mention on my first post. I also added this screenshot...for fun. Check'em out!

    Poilwhirl-Water Stone- Poilwrath

    Poilwhirl- Happiness Night- Poiltoed

    Kadabra- Happiness Day- Alakazam

    Machoke- Happiness- Machamp

    Graveler- Happiness day- Golem

    Slowpoke- Level 30- Slowbro

    Slowpoke- Zen Headbutt- Slowking

    Magenton -Thunderstone- Magenzone

    Haunter -Happiness Night- Gengar

    Onix -Level 36- Steelix

    Rhydon- Happiness Day- Rhyperior

    Seadra- Twister- Kingdra

    Electabuzz- Thunderstone Electivire

    Magmar- Firestone- Magmortar

    Scyther- Level 37- Scizor

    Eevee- Holding Miracle Seed- Leafeon

    Eevee- Holding Nevermeltice (Wild Ice-Type Hold them) - Glaceon

    Eevee- Moon Stone- Umbreon

    Eevee- Sun Stone- Espeon

    The rest are the same

    Tyrogue- Black Belt (Day)- Hitmonchan

    Tyrogue- Black Belt (Night) Hitmonlee

    Tyrogue- Dawn Stone (Wild Pokemon have them)- Hitmontop

    Hoppip- Lv 18- Skipoom-Lv 35- Jumpluff

    Porygon- Level 38- Porygon 2- Dawn Stone (Wild Pokemon Hold them)-


    Kirla (M) -Level 30- Gallade

    Kirla (F)- Level 30 Gardevoir

    Trapinch- Level 28- Vibrava- Level 40- Flygon

    Nosepass- Shiny Stone- Probopass

    Feebas- Dawn Stone- Milotic

    Dusclops- Dusk Stone- Dusknoir

    Clamperl- Sun Stone- Gorebyss

    Clamperl- Moon Stone- Huntail

    Budew- Lv 15- Roselia

    Buneary- Lv 30- Lopunny

    Chingling- Moon Stone- Chimecho

    Munchlax- Lv 30- Snorlax

    Riolu- Lv 30- Lucario

    And now to end this wonderful post and a couple screenies...once again, it's spoilers.


    Pokemon Neo SoulSilver

    Pics of da Picks

    Programs I used to make this Mod possible

    PPRE 0.14 (Obviously! I used this for mostly everything)

    Paint (For the customizing of the sprites)

    PokepicDSPlatinum (For updating the modified sprites into narc. file it's a/0/1/4 something...I think. Ah, whatever)

    NitroExplorer (For extracting the updated narc files back into the rom)

    thenewpoketext (Pretty much self-explanatory, right)

    No$Gba 2.6a (For beta-testing the mod)

    Pokemon SoulSilver (It was the rom I used)

    And AttackEditorDS (For editing some of the attack move's type)

    Now I leave you with a vid of me (actual my little bro) facing off against the Team Rocket Admin Proton...However, in order to see you're gonna have to click the little spoiler button. :rolleyes:

    Now enjoy the vid, oh, don't forget, you're gonna have to click spoiler to look at it.


    Closing notes: Now...If there were someway of unlocking the national dex early here now that'll be awesome! Has anybody figured out how to do this.

    Don't forget to report all bugs here, thank you!

    Last, but not least: Pokemon Yin Black & Pokemon Yang White


    Awesome Title Design made by...PEDRO12

    About the game:

    This a hack...Or a modification, if you will, of Pokemon Black & White. Meaning, just your oridnary 649 Pokemon hack. But...To make the game feel a bit different there's a few other things added to keep it feeling fresh. Just read the long, long, long ass post to see what I'm talking about, yeah!

    Something about Flashcard:

    It's not that I'm being mean or anything, it's just because I have no idea how those devices work; I just don't use those types of things. I only tested these on my No$gba emulator, and they worked flawlessly on mine. But, not to worry, I'm sure someone will find a way to get this to work on one...

    The links and Mod info are below:

    Rom Intel: Pokemon Yin Black & Pokemon Yang White (Version 3.2)
    Language: US and Europe
    Version Intel: This mod is basically complete. I've edit mostly everything I really wanted the only parts I didn't touch were the post-game Relic Castle part, so there's no point in going there after beating the Pokemon League, since everything in their will basically be the same. Everything else, however, has been changed.

    Document Information:

    Included in the download are several documents. Each document contain a certain guide...Here they are. There's a guide for every Pokemon location.

    Also, included are a guides on all important trainer battles encountered. And a guide for where to find all the new items I placed around Unova.

    Added to Version 3 are guides to the Pokemon movest and the Pokemon base stats; which all has been increased. Also, a guide on all the Pokemon attacks that has been edit.

    ...Here's a small log for this version's changes.

    Version 3 Log:

    Almost every Pokemon can now learn a max of 22 moves...This with the exception of pre-evolutionary stages and legendaries.

    Every Pokemon and I mean EVERY Pokemon base stats has been increased. This includes new TM/HM compatibles and dream world abilities. There's also a few Pokemon with abilities I gave them...Ya know, cuz I thought they fit them.

    Important trainer battles has been updated, now with better moveset and new levels. The strongest trainer on the first part level reaches Lv91.

    More items has been added to the overworld; well, ya know, replaced with something better. Also, some TMs holds new attacks. Example: TM12 is now Magical Leaf and TM41 is now Water Pulse. There's more, it's to you to find'em.

    The wild Pokemon has been slightly edited since version 2.5...Nothing too drastic tho, just added Hoothoot and Psyduck earlier. Lower some of the level of Wild Pokemon around Route 18, P2 Lab and the Wellspring Cave (F2) and Mistralton Cave.

    Also, since the Fishing Rod is now available at the very beginning of the game, some fishing routes has been edited. Just look into the wild Pokemon guide for more info about this subject.

    I finally was able to fix the freezing Backpacker Talon and Colin were causing. Just changed the type of battle you had to do against them. LOL

    And to finally finish this tiny log, I've added a written document on every changed I made in this mod. The docs will be included in the download. If anybody has any trouble, don't forget to report here.

    Version 3.1 Log:

    Fixed up some of the dialogue in trainer battles.

    Fixed up the Gender Ratio in wild Pokemon battle. What I mean is this: Timburr-Line gender ratio is higher as male, but female Timburr were showing up more. That wasn't suppose to happen

    Version 3.2 Log:

    Okay, FINALLY fixed up the dialogue in the trainer battle window 'collapsed' thing, ya know. And added dialogue to post-game part...Well, to all I could remember.

    Fixed up some trainers battles. Edit the Ferris Wheel trainers in Nimbasa City; seems that I forgot to the first times. Re-did ALL post-game Pokemon battles. All Elite Four and Gym leader's Pokemon now have random genders when facing them...Also, redid summa da moveset I gave their Pokemon

    Added Venipede to the wild much earlier.

    Added more replaced items post-game; it should be noted...I haven't updated the changes in the docs, tho. Sorry. :l

    Pokemon Changes:

    First, I would like to say if you've played any of my mods from the past, then you'll know what to expect when concerning the prevously gen Pokemon stats and ablities and even some of their attacks...Well, if you think it's still the same on Yin Black and Yang White...Then you're partially right. While some Pokemon have their same ablitites from Neo SoulSilver and Sol Platinum like Seviper, some have new one; like Dodrio with Defiant and Moxie.

    Obviously, some Pokemon will have their Dream World ablites; just not the starters. Most none of the starter Pokemon have their Dream World abilities; with the exception of Blaziken with Speed Boost, but the rest have abilities I thought suit them...

    Also, even tho, at this point I think it's obvious, all starters will have two abilities. I'm just saying, just don't expect to see a Snivy with Contrary or anything on this mod...Sorry.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention, there's also a few 5th gen Pokemon with new secondary type. Like Acceglor being part Dark-Type or Eelekrik and Eelektross both being part Water-Type...That's not including the Type changes from previously mods I made. All those type changes are on there.

    There also should be noted of the huge stat increased of ALL Pokemon; compared to their vanilla thingy. No pokemon have their original total base stat...most are just random, but I still think fair. I'm just sayin', shouldn't really change the feel of the game.

    Move Effect Changes:

    Some Pokemon attacks have new second effect; like Leaf Tornado now confusing the target instead of reducing their accuracy and Wing Attack having a 20% chance raising yer Pokes attack stat.

    Also, there's more, like Hydro Pump harshly lowering the foes Sp. Def. The old secondary effect from Neo Soulsilver are still on here, like Hyper Voice still lowering Sp. Def (It now harshly lowers the Sp. Def) And Slam lowering the Defense stat. They're still all on here.

    On Version 3, however, even more move has been edited like Meditate boosting both Attack and Sp. Atk or Stone Edge and Power Gem now hitting both Pokemon. Just like how I previously stated, there's more...but these are the only moves I'm only gonna cover.

    I know I said this already, but I'm gonna say it again...Pokemon can learn TMs/HM that they usually couldn't learn on the regular game; for example: Beartic is now capatible with Earthquake and Xatu is capatible with Energy Ball, there's many more Pokemon in the game they have new compatibility with different TMs/HMs. It's up to you to find which is which.

    Added on Version 3 are TMs with new attack data. I already mentioned a few of the TM changes, so there's no reason me to repeat myself for the 14th of time, ya think? :p But I can say, the two new TMs I did mention...That's just touching the surface. There's more new TMs out there, it's just up to you to find them.

    But I can tell you this, folks. Some of your favorite TMs from the 4th gen Pokemon games; including moves that you could get from BP from the Battle Frontier, can be found inside those TMs on this hack. And trust me folks, it was a ***** matching each new TMs I made with the Pokemon. Very, VERY time-consuming. Mostly the reason why it took me so long to update

    Also, before I forget...Cuz, I'm really forgetful...I would like to thank elementking for teaching me how to edited the TM/HM data in the game. This was pretty much the main theme in this hack.

    Pokemon with increased Moveset:

    Majority of all Pokemon can learn a max of 22 moves...Well, that with the exception of legendaries or Pokemon in their pre-evolutionary stage. Just so you know, 22 moves is the max attack a Pokemon can learn.

    Also Pokemon like Burmy, Magikarp, Beldum and even Tynamo can learn a few attacks up, till their evolution. I even gave Pokemon like Combee/Tyrouge their own mini-moveset.

    Also; tho I think that this is kinda obvious, I gave all stone Pokemon their very own moveset pool...They all learn a max of 22 attacks. So, I guess there's no need for waiting on just the right level to make Pikachu evolve...or Growlithe...

    Anyways, that pretty much covers all of the Pokemon moveset edit. Don't forget to collect Heart Scales. There's always a Pokemon with a good re-learned move out there. All fully evolved Pokemon have at least one.

    Field Pokemon:

    I've edited mostly every Pokemon that can be encountered in the grass, the sea...Well, basically anywhere a Pokemon can be found and captured.
    Anyways, like I said, mostly every Pokemon, with the exception of for the postgame Relic Castle part, has been changed and edited.

    There's a written guide about the Wild Pokemon included in the download. It shows the spot for every Pokemon.

    Now, on Version 3 you receive the Super Rod at the very beginning of the game...from your mom. Tho, I guess I should tell you that NOT every fishing route has been edited...Well, you'll learn more once you open the Wild Pokemon guide.

    Not to worry, you'll still be able to catch wild starter Pokemon and stuff. They're scattered throughout Unova....Just use the guide to find where they're located.

    New Starter/Speical Event Pokemon:

    On Yin Black/ Yang White Version 3...Depending on which version you're playing, will determine which starter Pokemon you'll receive at the beginning.

    On Yin Black, the starters you'll get to choose are the same as if you'll were playing the regular game. Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy. And on Yang White, the starters you'll get to choose from are, the lizard trio; Treecko, Totodile, and Charmander

    Also, on Yang White, the starter your rivals will chose also be different...It won't be any of the starters you had the choice of. Completely different. The battle guide will show which Pokemon they'll use depending on which starter you pick.

    Special event Pokemon like Zekrom and Reshiram or the Fighting-Type Trio; once encountered, will be on a higher level...If you've played version 2.5, expect those levels.

    Items as far the eyeballs can see:

    New items can be found on the overworld. Or given to you from NPC players. Like for example, instead of getting Flame Charge from the Battle Girl, she'll give you Sludge Wave instead.

    Here's yet another example: it's now possible to find the Air Ballon item inside a Poke'ball...Yeah, so basically stuff like that.

    Anyways, getting back on Flame Charge, it can be found on Route 4 (Before beating Burgh, so you can use it on him) There's more, like some gym leaders giving you new TMs. Brycen gives you Ice Beam. Don't worry, old TMs and items are still obtainable, it's just up to you to find it...or whatever.

    Version Differences: What's in Yin Black? What's in Yang White?:

    LOL Not that much.
    But, depending on which version of the mod you're playing, some of the Gym leaders you'll fight will use different Pokemon.

    If you're playing Yin Black Lenora will use these Pokemon: Chansey, Spinda, Herdier, Linoone, and Clefable!

    If you're playing Yang White Lenora will use these Pokemon: Vigoroth, Dunsparce, Herdier, Furret, and Cinccino!
    Which do you think is harder?

    Also, when battling N and your Rivals, they will use a slightly different team. Once again, this all depending on which version you decided to play.

    Some of the speical trainer battles; ya know, like Triple or Rotation, will be different. If you encounter a trainer with a rotation battle...chances are on the opposite version, it'll be a triple battle. But...Yeah, I think it was like that anyways...

    There's only one item change. Instead of getting Moon Stone from Lenora, if you're playing Yang White, she'll give you a Shiny Stone instead. I think you know why, right? Pretty obvious.

    Smarter Trainers = Tougher Challenges:

    I tried making trainer battles as hard as humanly made possible, but occasionally they WILL do some retarded ****, just ignore it.
    ...The computer's AI seems not know how handle certain Pokemon attack...For example they love spamming attack that takes two turns to hit...I had to revamp awhole lotta important battle, cuz I noticed this pattern.

    Anyways, in this, mod trainer's Pokemon will get as high as to Level 100, which is the level of the Game Freak's dude's highest leveled Pokemon. I also, added a few triple and rotation battles in the mix. Most can be found in the arenas in Numbasa City or on varies Routes.

    But like always, important battles with trainers will always be harder than usual trainer....Well, this is me hoping anyways.

    Basically what I mean, your battles against your both Rivals, Gym Battles, N battles, the Elite Four and Ghetsis, which obviously the hardest.
    Trainers around the ending of the first part of the game and the second part of the game will use Pokemon that will have a preset Moveset

    ...Hopefully it keeps you on yer toes. Cuz right, I'm telling ya, don't expect no Gym Leader rematches or teams based off the manga, cuz there's none here.

    Dialogue Changes:

    I also add a few new dialogue here and there throughout the game. You'll mostly find them when getting a new items from NPC. I thought the dialogue I put there was pretty neat, to say the least.

    I also added, well, basically just for effect, re-named Pokemon attack move. There's only two attacks with new names.

    Razor Wind becomes Maelstrom; it still work the same as if it was Razor Wind, however. And Flame Burst gets renamed as Spit Fire.

    Just like Razor Wind, the move effects are exactly the same as before, couldn't think of anything. And just for fun, I've renamed every natures given to a Pokemon.

    Just think of it pointless dialogue change...Especially considering it's still easy to distinguish a Pokemon nature by looking at thier stats from their Summary.

    Screenshot Station:

    Here, I showcase some screenies of my game.
    These first couple of screenshots shows off the menu dialogue change and a few Pokemon battle, including a triple battle. Also, it shows one of the new Pokemon types combination I made and one of the natures I renamed. It's should be interesting enough.

    It also should be noted that these first screenshots are from V1-V2.5...But the changes are still on the current version.


    And now. Are some more recent screenies of the hack. Stuff that was JUST added...With the exception of the Brycen Ice Beam thing...It's been on da game since version 2.

    Anyways, they're just some of the new stuff added in, mostly pics of the
    new obtainable items and new TMs and stuff of that nature. If you wanna be spoiled, just click da spoiler button.


    Pokemon Vid Section:

    Here this is the place where I showcase some of the battles that take place in Yin Black/Yang White. It includes two gym battles; Elesa and Burgh. And also my full Pokemon league playthrough


    These are the programs I used to make this mod possible.

    A Hex editor (Cygnus Free Edition):
    For the Wild Pokemon, Level up moves, attacks, item change, and stats editing (for editing the TMs learn moves).
    Twistedfatal's Stat editor program.
    Kazo's Trainer Editor
    SCV's PPTXT for the Dialogue Change.
    No$gba 2.6a Emulator
    Kiwi.ds (For remaking the Narc file I edited)
    Neltazero's Wild Pokemon Editor V5 (I used this and the hex editor)
    CrystalTile2 (For changing the TM/HM data)

    Special thanks to these guys. The helped me out alot:

    Drayano: For telling how to do pretty much everything, when concerning the item change and the moveset editin. It was very easy for me to follow what his instructions.

    elementking: For teaching me where to find the TM/HM data.

    Me: Because without putting in the work, I'll probably wouldn't got
    anything done.

    Things I plan to do...One of these dayz:

    Gonna add some vidz of me fighting the Elite Four on this mod. They should be up...Soon as I reach the Pokemon league. LOL

    Maybe add some more dialouge...Ya know, some new dialogue to the gym leaders or to your rivals...Ya know, like in Neo Soulsilver.

    Also, add some sorta banner or something...I dunno, the bold dialogue with moving Pokemon, and at the sametime, tacky and sweet...My opinion.

    Things you should probably know:

    When patching, make sure you patch this mod with an Europe Black or White rom. Also, for some strange reason, it can also patch with a pre-patched rom with all the Anti-Piracy crap gone. The rom I used to make the changes were a pre-patched B/W rom, so that's probably was one of da reason...I dunno.

    Anyways, don't forget to report any bugs you find to Pokemon Yin Black/Yang White thread. I'm sure there are some things I've overlooked...or just forgot to add.

    Until my next update...Someday...Cya! :D

    Pokemon Yin Black 2 and Pokemon Yang White 2

    There's no logo for Pokemon Yin Black 2/Yang White 2 yet. If anyone wanna design one for me, just let me know.

    The hack rom info
    Rom Intel: Pokemon Yin Black 2 & Pokemon Yang White 2 (Version 1)
    Language: US and Europe
    Version Intel: This mod is basically complete. I don’t know if I’ll make anymore changes to it…unless u guys have any ideas on what I should add next to da game.

    Hello everybody, after 2 years of the original release of black 2/white 2. Lol I welcome you all to the grand release of my Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 hack. It’s been along time coming and I ain’t gonna lie…I was being lazy and just didn’t wanna post it, cuz it’s been ready. Lol

    But without further ado, I would like to bring to you…Pokemon Yin Black 2 and Pokemon Yang White 2.This thread will talk about what’s featured in hack…which isn’t much, if u played Yin Black 1 and Yang White 1. Lol

    About the game
    Pokemon Yin Black 2 and Pokemon Yang White 2 is a Pokemon mod; meaning it’s a game dat suppose heightens da AI making gameplay slightly more difficult; at least, that‘s what I was aiming for anyways. The main story/events remains unchanged.

    Also, included are a few docs; not as many as there was in Yin Black and Yang White 1. I might add more later, I just wanted to get this game out to the public first. PokeGen is included in the download. Use it to activate the National Dex at the beginning of the game.

    What to expect in the hack
    There’s also other little side things that you can find in this hack, that‘s not on the original…like new overworld items, slightly new dialogue and also the new shard moves dat has been added into this hack.

    The ability to capture Pokemon that’s not native in Unova; this includes the starters from other regions as well. Legendary Pokemon are also available in the wild, but they only come out in special grass.

    What's new about the Pokemon
    This game also include Pokemon with increased base stats. Every Pokemon has a new stat changes along with a new special ability. All starters now have a second ability and not all are their dreamworld ability. All Pokemon have at least one new special ability.

    Also, all Pokemon; with the exception of Legendaries, can now learn a total of 22 moves. This should keep the gameplay fresh.

    Some moves’ attack strength has been increased too. As well, as their secondary effects. Here’s an example: Vine Whip now takes 45 damage, but also has an 20% of causing flinching. There’s even more changes aside from that one.

    Gameplay Stuff
    Going back into the new dialogue, there’s two attacks on this game that have been renamed. Razor Wind is now called Maelstrom and is now a Flying Type attack. The other attack is Flame Burst, it’s been renamed Spit Fire. The animation of that attack always looked fire was being spit on the opponent. lol

    All important battles has been edited to be made a bit more difficult too. Challenge mode battles has also been edited…and whew, they’re very hard…especially around the beginning. Lol Use the “unlock all keys” cheat code to unlock all the keys at the beginning of the game. If you don’t know the code, just ask me. I’ll give it to you.

    Just like Yin Black 1 and Yang White 1, depending on what version you’re playing will determine what Pokemon you’ll battle against when facing your rival, the gym leaders and the elite four. Their Pokemon do hold item and come equip with at least one healing item.

    Also, depending on which version you will play will determine what starter u get at da beginning. On Yin Black 2 the starters are still Tepig, Snivy and Oshawott and on Yang White 2, the starters are Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil and Mudkip.

    Screenshot station
    Now here are a few screenie from the hack…it showing off summa da new dialogue on the game, also new overworld items and new tutor moves. Also, the Poliwhirl pic is suppose be weird/funny that's why it's there. lol


    Movie Station
    And finally the video section…this time around, I only have two to show off. One is showing me fighting against Roxie and the second is against the rival.

    The tools I used the make this hack possible.

    BWTE 2: It was for editing the trainer’s Pokemon
    BWWE: For editing the wild Pokemon
    Dsbuff: For rebuilding the rom
    Cygnus Hex Editor: For editing the Pokemon base stats, moveset, evolutionary condition and overworld items and shards tutor moves
    NitroExplorer2b: For importing and exporting narc files
    Kiwi.ds: For rewriting and making narc files.
    No$gba 2.6a/No$zoomer: For beta-testing the game

    Final notes
    I’m sorry that this thread is so bare, in da future Imma make me all fancy and purty like mah Yin Black 1 and Yang White 1 thread…I was just trying to get this game out.
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