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    "Pokémon: Imperial Sky" may look somewhat familiar to many of you, and this is because it is the reboot of the old Pokemon Helio Version! While much of the game is rather the same, many new places, people, plotlines, and Pokémon await you in this new, amazing, graphically stunning new masterpiece from Perihelion Productions!



    Centuries ago there was a land that prospered; air filled with happiness, earth rich with peace. This land was known by Emort. The population knew nothing but to worship the god above, bowing to the starry night and glow of the magnificent moon. Their love for the god of the moon, Yastu'kui, led their carefree lives, assuring their well-being. He watched over the land at dark, and they flourished over the land at light. Then things changed. A settlement from far east migrated to their land, largely outnumbering their population. Things started to change. People grew violent. People grew angry. People grew sad and hopeless and scared. Times became dark.

    These new people began to spread a new faith among the prior citizens. They led them to the conclusion that they were wrong. There was no moon god. There was only him. Only the god of sun, Tairatu'ah. Confusion spread and riots lit the streets. That is when persecution began. Persecution of the moon worshipers and new life for the sun worshipers. Slowly, the population of the aforementioned moon people dwindled. Whether because of death, migration, conversion, or even time, the land became sparse of their kind. A new era was born.

    As time passed, people grew worried and tired of these citizens being persecuted. So a group was formed to help these people and stop the persecution of their kind. You are a strapping young lad who lives in a small town on an island off the coast of mainland Emort. Virtually ignorant to this race war, you become well-aware of it when your neighbor, and crush, decides to join the group intending on helping the persecuted moon-worshippers. In order to impress the girl you decide to throw away all of your previous goals and join this group as well; however, what may seem to be an ordinary charity group may just turn out to create the biggest disaster the Emort Region has ever known!



    Selene - Love Interest --- Haroun - Friendly Rival


    Grass - Fire - Water



    - 251 ORIGINAL Emort Region Pokemon! 144 of which never before seen!
    - A completely redesigned Emort Region with tons of areas to explore anew such as deserts, forests, caves, mountains, rivers, oceans, and so much more!
    - A larger screen resolution so as to keep up with the latest Pokemon graphics
    - A coral reef based Safari Zone to catch a multitude of deep-sea pokemon!
    - A captivating, realistic plot to keep you interested throughout the entire game!
    - And so much more!





    Founder / Eventer - Starrmyt

    Co-founder / Graphics Head (Pixel Art, sprites, tiles, etc) - Aquakip

    Graphics Helper (tiles) - Dewitty

    Dialogue Writer - Bards Sword

    Scripter - Tylerab01

    Sounds / Animations - Rickyboy

    Movesets / Stats - FlameKoala


    Poccil - Poccil's Starter Kit
    BoOmxBiG - mountain tiles
    KaitoDesign - pond tiles

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