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Originally Posted by HACKERXIDE View Post
ok im gonna get this, so i will repost my script, but i will try to give more info this time, in the picture below you can see the script tile where I walk on and the person tile that is supposed to walk to my position on the script tile.

I have the person event invisible, but not through Adv.Map.
My problem now is that the game freezes when
I step on the Script tile!
I don't know why but below is the adv map settings for the script tile.

My Script

#Dynamic 0x456769

#ORG @Main
showsprite 0x3
applymovement 0xFF @move
applymovement 0x3 @move1
waitmovement 0x0
hidesprite 0x3
trainerbattle 0x0 0x001 0x0 @before @defeat
Message @test
Boxset 0x6
setvar 0x4099 0x1

#org @move
#raw 0x62
#raw 0x0
#raw 0xFE

#org @move2
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1F
#raw 0x1
#raw 0x1E
#raw 0xFE

#org @before
= hey lets battle!

#org @defeat
= You taught me!

#org @test
= Well I have to go!

Thanks for any future suggestions, once I learn this to the fullest I plan to put a tutorial up about it since i've searched far and wide and found not a single one! Thanks from Hackerxide.
Most important change in bold. You have to set variable 4099 to something other than 0, because you have set the script to activate when 4099's var value is 0. If you don't set variable 4099 to something other than 0, it will continue endlessly and glitch up.