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Giga had succesfully fallen asleep thanks to Len's Mine Reader Hypnosis combo. now it was a matter of attacking him hard enough to really get the jump on him. "...Len! Use dig!" Mark called out. Len nodded and jumped into the hole he previously popped out of. While he was down there he met one of his Digglet friends while he prepared to attack.

"hey watcha doin Len?" The Digglet asked as he dug alongside him.

"Oh! Me? I'm in a battle! Oh! One second!" Len said cheerfully. He made a quick sharp turn straight up and attacked Giga right from below. With Len's skin being so sensitive, The impact of hitting Giga did hurt him a bit, but he shrugged it off as Len pressed on the land a direct attack on him.

Meanwhile, Snype was sitting on a branch pretty close by blade giving off a large smile. "So! Whatcha all lookin at?" Snype said, not too oblivious that they were keeping watch. He was just curious as to WHAT they were looking out for. When it came to seeing things, Snype's vision never failed him. He used Foresight to get a better view of what was ahead.

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